Monday, October 18, 2010

Jaycee wins Music Awards

Jaycee wins Best Music Video Hong Kong / Macao Region at MTV and CCTV Music Awards. This is the first music award Jaycee has won. He revealed that earnings from the album will be used for charity and that this was very meaningful to him.

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 18 evening, by the central television and MTV, jointly organized by the Music Festival - 2010 Music Awards in the Beijing Wukesong Sports Center held. Access to "Best Music Video Hong Kong, Macao regions," the Jaycee frankly this is the first award of his new album, which his father Jackie Chan may "come to me to eat." He also revealed that the income of the new album will be used for charitable, feel meaningful.

Wearing a suit and hat and refined appearance of the Jaycee show faction, but he entered the interview room to the media group was "molested", holding a trophy photo, the parts of the media "on the left!", "Middle !, "" right! "cry come and go, let him somewhat confused, and finally also the media," forcing "the holding trophy, made a gesture of Liberty, this start a group visit. Jaycee frankly, this is his first new album got an award, not enough time to tell Dad Jackie Chan: "I have ten days, twenty days have not seen him." Asked if his father knew how would award winning, Jaycee Chan said with a smile: "Please I eat it."

Speaking of his new album results, Jaycee pleased to reading about it: "I heard that song" the best of me, "Many people like it, July 1 million in the lyrics online content, August 2 million September 3 million, Oct. 4 million. "Mo Yang does not make sense to a laughter. He also said revenue will be donated to charity album, feel meaningful.

 新浪娱乐讯 10月18日晚,由中央电视台和MTV音乐电视台联合主办的音乐盛典——2010年度音乐颁奖礼在北京五棵松体育馆举行。获得“港澳台地区年度最佳音乐电视”的房祖名坦言这是他的新专辑首次获奖,对此父亲成龙可能会“找我吃饭”。他还透露新专辑的收入会用来做慈善,感觉很有意义。





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