Sunday, October 17, 2010

Filming on Xinhai Revolution Moves to Shanghai

Filming of Xinhai/1911 Revolution has finished in Fuxin and moved to Shanghai. The Director thanked every one for working with the "highest professional quality" under extremely difficult conditions. He also said that the battle scenes were filmed in the coal mine for added realism and that when bombs went off etc everyone turned black and were covered in clouds of dust.

Epic blockbuster "Revolution" has been in the formation of shooting. The day before yesterday a reporter from the executive producer of the film put up the king was informed, "Revolution" was officially the end of the scenes in Fuxin, film production has been moved to Shanghai to continue shooting. Put up the king told reporters, as the film the entire film is shot in the formation of most of the war scenes, including the location of the reasons, the key creative hard exceptions, can be described as experiencing "the most tired Golden Week." However, he then said, Jackie Chan, Li Bingbing, Sun Chun and other big names actors showed the highest professional quality, "Environmental hard, but we are very dedicated." Released that Wang put up that "party-building cause" not "Xinhai Revolution, "" imaginary enemy "," After all, the two different types. "

Hard look at the king put in the "Revolution" features the greatest scenes in Fuxin. He said the film surface mines in the sea state was filmed very special, "called the mine, in fact we are the best cat in the coal inside. A major studio film a few hundred meters deep coal mine in the bottom of trenches, surrounded by huge the mine. "war scenes to create a natural and ultimately, the effect of guns," basically an explosive down the whole group of people all turned into a 'black', with the rolling action drama about briquettes; sometimes actors get even simmering gas play, because the ash into his mouth, the entire people will be very difficult to breathe. "National Day holiday period," Revolution "cast in such an environment, shooting a three-piece into the scenes of the total number of battle," basically every day call it a day, the first thing we do take a bath, mouth, nose digging, Taoer Duo. "





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