Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Little Big Soldier on the Small Screen

Little Big Soldier is to be made into a TV series of 30 episodes and has quietly started fiming in Hengdian. Jackie is producing the series. It is directed by Ng Yiu.

The story will follow the basic thread of 'Little Big Soldier' but with some additional elements and a change to the ending. In the series the younger brother's attempts to gain the throne has been written out and the role of the 'mysterious woman' has been increased. At the end the old soldier does not die and the prince chooses to listen and follow his advice.

The New Seven Little Fortunes will have parts in the production. Negotiations are underway to get permission to record a new version of Youcai Hua for the series with the lead actor singing the theme song.

When filming in Hengdian is complete production is expected to move to Yunnan.

Efforts have been filming a low-key this year, Jiang Wu burst of "Let the bullets fly," "Snow Secret Fan" "Warring States" and other movies, when people thought he would return to the big screen when the filming of the TV version they came Jiang Wu "Private Game" message, Jackie Chan plays a role in the film version of "soldier", but before fixing the "factory flower" is also worth the wait. During the National Day, Jiang Wu also Hengdian "Little Big Soldier" cast up the work and learned that he also expected to follow the film version of singing the theme song "Youcai Hua."

Increase the role of women to start drama teenager love triangle
Following the "myth", the Jackie Chan's box office sales of another as "Little Big Soldier", will also be loaded onto the TV screen. This reporter recently learned that Jackie Chan himself as "Private Game" producer, director is once directed "Handsome Huawu Que," "Eight gallant" and other plays of the Hong Kong director Ng Yiu rights. According to reports, TV series, "Big Soldier" has recently been low-key start in Hengdian, Jiang Wu, Paul Janus, respectively, star in "Private" and "teenager."

Film "Little Big Soldier", the "soldiers" Jackie Chan and "Kids" Lee Hom's between a lot of ridiculous stories, who is also the writer and director Ng Yiu general right to disclose, comedy style, will also be extended to the drama. "In the 30-episode TV series, the soldiers and the teenager's experience will be more ups and downs, the whole drama has continued to pass in the spirit of the film - war and can not bring peace, but to destroy the peace. Soldiers, teenager in the TV series in the the story is still a search for a peaceful journey. "

And the film version than the TV series stretched the capacity of a number of times, the right director Ng Yiu said the new elements will be added to the play, in addition to an ordinary soldier and a proud general, but also more mysterious girl, a life experience how they journey in the intrigues and change each other's thinking, from the opposition as fast friends, is a spectacle.

In addition, the film attempts to seize the throne and the murder of his brother's second son, no longer appears in the play, replaced all the way to kill the teenager was a "Nanfu people" in to kill the process, "Nanfu people", the mysterious between the girls and the teenager began a love triangle.

In the film, Chan plays a "soldier" last tragedy, Wu said lead in the TV series, this ending will be rewritten: "the last soldier did not die with the prince returned to Wei, Prince Edward listened to the words of soldiers, surrendered to livelihood security, and the official promised to soldiers, but soldiers still want to go home to farm, to show the mentality of all people. "

Optimistic about the temperament of Paul Chan Jiang Wu arrogance like Leehom Wang Jianfeng

TV version of "Little Big Soldier" played in the Jiang Wu, "Private", "Game" played by Paul Janus. Compared with the film version of "Star flavor" seems a bit weak, this, Ng Yiu, he said, Jackie is in the copyright to them, the only express the hope that give new opportunities, "spare no effort to cultivate the new Big Brother has been, this time he Seven Little Fortunes disciples also starring in the drama. "
Turning to the reasons for selection appeared Jiang Wu, Wu guide said: "Although many front-line actors, but the soldiers acted like Jackie so simple and lovely, good acting and hard to find, but later found the Jiang Wu, think his temperament is very like. Jiang Wu himself is very interested in the script to look at the 5 sets agreed. "Ng Yiu, he said, protect the eyes of the arrogance and Jianfeng Wang Lee Hom is very similar to Jackie Jiang Wu and Paul are very optimistic about the blade combination.

Adopted theme song "Youcai Hua"

Jiang Wu is expected to sing

Prior to the film theme song "Youcai Hua" sung high degree, the right director Ng Yiu said the TV version of the song will follow, "Currently we are working with record companies to discuss copyright issues, that time is likely to be sung by Jiang Wu." Learned , "Little Big Soldier" except in Hengdian shooting, the film will go to Yunnan Province viewfinder.




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