Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Jackie to Play Golf ???

Well this one falls into the category of "I will believe it when I see it." So lets wait and see...

UPDATE: 30th October 2010 - and I was right - Jackie is still in Shanghai and about to appear at the closing ceremony for the Shanghai Expo on 31 October 2010 NOT in Hainan playing pro-am golf. So in answer to my question Jackie is NOT playing golf.

Hainan rolls out the red carpet for Hollywood A-listers

Haikou’s Mission Hills golf club is set to welcome some of Hollywood’s biggest stars to the golden shores of Hainan for the first annual Mission Hills Star Trophy celebrity pro-am tournament, which will be held from 28 to 31 October. The ambitious event, which will carry with it a grand prize of $1.28 Million, has attracted a host of big names from across the world including Matthew McConaughey, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Michael Douglas, Hugh Grant, Jackie Chan as well as Olympic gold medallists Michael Phelps and Li Ning.

With a range of other local celebrities including Eric Tsang, Aaron Kwok and golfing icons Greg Norman, Colin Montgomerie, Nick Faldo and Annika Sorenstam it is set to be one of the biggest events on the golfing calendar in 2010. Norman who played his role in developing Mission Hills is right behind it highlighting that “the time is right for Asia to create an event that combines golf and entertainment”.

“We envision it becoming Asia’s equivalent of the Pebble Beach At&T Pro Am”, said public-relations manager for the event Stephen Reynolds. The tournament, which will span four days and 72 holes, will feature 20 stars, 20 professionals and 120 amateurs, with the first two days featuring 4-ball teams of one celebrity or professional with three amateurs. The last two days will then see celebrities and professionals pair up and compete for a special $100,000 prize on top of the overall $1.28 Million grand prize.

The event is also set to mark the full opening of the Mission Hills Haikou resort, an enormous 10-course complex, which has been designed by some of the most legendary names in professional golf. Built just east of a 42km volcanic national park, this enormous club is set to become the largest golf club built on Hainan Island at a cost of around 25 Billion Yuan. Featuring more than just a clubhouse, this golfing paradise is also adorned by a 423 room five star hotel and the largest natural hot spring treatment centre in Hainan, which features over 230 pools, making Mission Hills a paradise of luxury that is unparalleled anywhere else in Asia.



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