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News and Stills Xinhai Revolution

The press were invited to tour restricted parts of the set / location yesterday with selected stills being released. Because of the dangers of working in an open-cast coal mine the press were only permitted into a very small area. Both Jackie and Li Bingbing spoke about how difficult filming conditions are and in particular at how dirty they get. Both spoke about going home black from head to toe. The coal dust gets into their teeth, nose, ears and more.

To clarify the situation regarding Jackie directing the film - he has been given the position of 'Supervising Director' in honour and respect for his experience. However he has contributed a great deal of expert advice and will direct some battle scenes as well as contributing to the stunts.

Revolution is not successful, the star needs to be done. The day before yesterday afternoon, this reporter went to Asia's largest opencast coal mine - Liaoning Province, Fuxin Haizhou opencast mine to visit the set is hot shooting the film "Revolution." Very dangerous in the bottom of the trenches, "Manlianshixue" Jackie Chan and "sounded black," the Li Bingbing is shooting life-saving and "Battlefield hygiene conditions," scenes, and the two respective "revolution loaded" and " nursing uniforms, "the new shape is also the first time exposure.

Secret filming details

1 shot of extreme difficulties and dangers

Fuxin Haizhou opencast mine covers an area of 30 square kilometers, meandering landscape surface, but in fact very dangerous, there are many spontaneous combustion and, therefore, has not yet opened. To ensure media security, only a small part of the day to visit the set next to the mining media to the bottom of the trenches, journalists traveling in a car for every eight people, divided into three groups drove to the bottom of the pit 200 meters deep, very rough way, downward spiral need ten minutes to reach bottom of the pit. Reach the bottom of the pit, the reporter found a good trench structures is very realistic, large coal mine is a natural barrier to prevent the lens during filming it away, or even bother to avoid the outside world, ideal for shooting scenes of the war game.

2 Zhang Li, director of asking for too much light

About 20% of the film shot in the Haizhou coal mine open to complete filming. When a reporter reached the bottom of mine, it did not figure that Jackie Chan and Li Bingbing, the original they are hidden in underground tunnels in the filming, and that the Red Cross curtain hanging in the trenches, what they will fight the people injured in transport places to go for medical treatment. Reporters on the scene found a few extras, a few accompanied by Li Bing Bing plays the female nurses transporting patients to the reporters that the shooting is very dangerous, but Jackie is very approachable. While a few "fresh bloody" special type of actor is also the side waiting field. But the reporter can not wait too long into the filming, the original is still in commissioning crew lights and fireworks. Zhang Li, director of itself is well-known photographer in the movie "A World Without Thieves" , "The Banquet" , "Red Cliff" to act as photography, but also because he is known for demanding light.

3 Jackie Chan "face blood" Li Bingbing "black face"

Jackie Chan is not only the general director of the film, also starred as the Revolution in particular one of the leaders of Huang Xing, and Li Bingbing portrays his lover Xuzong Han. The day before it is taken after heavy fighting, the two with life-saving, and the situation met in the trenches, and Li Bing Bing wearing a nurse dress, wearing a "What What Hat" appearance is also the first time exposure of nurses. Li Bingbing first lens is escorted from the trenches of the injured to safety to avoid injuries and treatment; in the second lens, Li Bingbing, first back to the camera, just after fierce fighting Jackie Chan dressed in full of the cinder military uniform, his face with blood, his left hand tied gauze, from another one came to her in the trenches. Jackie Chan, Li Bingbing praise, said: "You are like the same fairy." And Jackie Chan and Li Bingbing is the number of contacts in the war, has generated a revolution, and eventually become his wife's feelings.

Status of the ceremony out of the boot

Jackie Chan: see Jaycee to kick his feet!

Last night, gathered more than 70 star of the "Revolution" in the formation of the boot at a grand ceremony, starring Jackie Chan, Li Bingbing, Zhao Wenxuan, Du Li Sun aerospace and director appeared on the same stage for the first time, but Jaycee Chan, Sun Chun, Shao-group, Jiang Wu and so does not appear in the boot ceremony.

When the host introduced the Jaycee Zhang Zhenwu when played, but did not see his shadow, Jackie Chan's father quickly stepped forward, said: "I'm sorry, may be a traffic jam, waiting for him to come, I will kick his feet." Unfortunately, until the conference ended, did not see "small house" appears.

Speaking of the mining area of the shooting, Jackie Chan admitted that suffered quite a lot: "I would like to thank those who armed and they have spent the bombing to the eye. You will not know how hard I went back to the place where washed three times, finally sit down and dig Taoer Duo, the results came out all dark dark things. When I see the director of photography, and breathe in big mouth, I feel they are black out the entire lung. But all are hoping to shoot a good movie. "

After the conference, originally planned to interview was canceled, and the total producer Wang Zhebin explained to reporters: "This time Jackie Chan for a few hours sleep per day in transition, although the filming in such a dangerous place, but the work strength is very great. tomorrow will take a maximum Jackie Chan fight scenes scenes, because a lot of blasting, we decided to not discuss after the interview, concentrate on making a good game. "

Li Bingbing unveiled the night of makeup put on black-rimmed glasses, she thanked the students participated in the filming, and that making this movie is a "three others made life thing, and we did it for a lifetime." Bo Li Bingbing am the same day also revealed micro-filming their own feelings, saying like a "little devil": "Now, three hours away from Shenyang, Fuxin coal mine on the filming, film war scenes, My! Toss One day depressed, hair, teeth, ears, nostrils, mouth blows full of black soot inside, like children making takes a little devil. This time I did not like the past, sometimes because of poor conditions and feel anxious, intolerable and even self-pity, but suddenly felt the job, this career has given me three lifetimes to experience all of life and life could not finish. To God gave me a good Thanksgiving this fate, this kind of took my life! when they are old memories Wealth ... ... "the reporter also learned that by Li Bing Bing's publicist, after the completion of Fuxin mining scenes, her" eleven "and not busy, Oct. 6 will fly to Taiwan to promote the film "Babel Di Renjie of the Empire" .

If you know

Gong Li starred in Zhang determined

The movie "Revolution" is the "Founding of the Republic" writer Wang Xingdong, Chan Po Kwong's a masterpiece and will be in September 2011 the 100th anniversary of the eve of the Revolution finished shooting and was released in the country during the National Day next year. Complete the whole work has 63 characters, Jackie Chan, Li Bingbing, Zhang Ziyi starred in more than 70 stars, 26 Chupin Fang in production, distribution, is the largest unit produced a Chinese movie. Undoubtedly, this is "Founding of the Republic", the star has a large number to the dazzle of the epic.

Sun Yat-sen by the Zhao Wenxuan play, starring Jackie Chan, general director of the revolutionary forerunner of Huang Xing, Li Bing Bing plays the Ms. Huang Xingde Xuzong Han. In addition, Sun Chun starred Yuan, Wang Yanan play Yuan Keding, Hu Ge plays a martyr in the forest Huanghuagang seventy-two Juemin, Jaycee Chan will star in the Wuchang Uprising in the young officer Zhang Zhenwu. Premiere of husband and wife Jackie Chan and Li Bingbing, have a "first" breakthrough: Jackie Chan will be the first "direct" his son Jaycee Chan, and Li Bingbing investment will pay for the first time, film production, and served as the Joint Video produced and the producer. But Zhang Ziyi starred Qiu Jin, Gong Li starred in the last Queen's message has not been confirmed.



1 拍摄地区极端艰险


2 张黎导演对光线要求太高


3 成龙“满脸血” 李冰冰“满脸黑”
















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