Saturday, October 30, 2010

Closing Ceremony: Shanghai World Expo

An image from the rehearsals 29/10/10

Length of the closing ceremony
of the Expo program 16 hours
A Jackie Chan show finale appearance

A period of 184 days of the Shanghai World Expo will be 31 in Shanghai came to an end last night, the Expo closing ceremony rehearsal party, the international sports star Jackie Chan to lead the theme of the show love scene is particularly striking.

Programme duration 16 hours

It is reported that Shanghai World Expo closing ceremony of the program will be 16 hours long form and the whole world to celebrate together, special events will be at 8:30 on October 31, has been continued until the evening of 24 points, the use of live connections, news, guests interviews and other various means of broadcast Expo Forum, the World Expo closing ceremony, flag-lowering ceremony, park and other major events to highlight the fun atmosphere, and say goodbye to the world with 184 days of the Expo feast.

Jackie Chan's debut show finale

Shanghai World Expo closing ceremony party fun as the highlight of the Expo will also be closely linked to "successful, splendid and unforgettable" This commitment to the Expo. The Secretary said Hong Hao, according to the Expo, 1 hour show will include the closing ceremony of the Expo down flag, the transfer of the next World Expo in Milan, Italy and some other ceremonies, but not the same as the opening ceremony held in grand display of fireworks. But is actively preparing for the Asian Games in Guangzhou Sun Haiping, Liu Xiang, mentoring, and "Prince of Gymnastics" Li Ning Sports representatives will attend the closing ceremony as the event, also including Jacky Cheung, Tan Jing, Han Hong, Lin Chi-ling, Wong and other performing arts stars Maoshan Yu, Qian Hui Li, Shi Yihong other opera celebrities will also be on the same stage, the international superstar Jackie Chan as an ambassador for the Expo will be the finale appearance.

Purposely arranged volunteer link

Shanghai World Expo to thank the many volunteers who give up to 184 days of hard work, show the director group, and invited international superstar Jackie Chan as a representative, to express love and caring volunteers. Jackie Chan very much in favor this, he said: "The expression of practical action is the most sincere and most at the moment to express my feelings of gratitude and respect of."

Towards the end of the party will play a big-screen introduction Expo volunteers VCR, at the same time, "Ambassador Expo" Jackie Chan side of the stage from the stage, walked quickly ran up the stage and volunteers Shenqingxiangyong representatives, with one sincere hug to show their gratitude to the volunteers and care. Later, Jackie Chan will lead the volunteers to the other side of the stage of children with disabilities, encourage and help children with stage and play back through this again to the world during the Expo volunteers, as always, the spirit of dedication and love. Finally, under the leadership of Jackie Chan, star of the closing ceremony will kick off the party's many stage appearances, with volunteers and children hugged each other and encourage interaction between the truth and love the expression of the screen, with live music in contrast to infection everyone

世博闭幕式节目时长16小时 成龙晚会压轴亮相











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