Monday, October 25, 2010

Jackie invited to Join Air Supply on Stage in Shanghai

Jackie has been asked by Air Supply who are on their 'Love Never Ends" World Tour to join them on stage during their concert in Shanghai on November 5th (Bookings HERE). Jackie is a big fan of Air Supply.

European and American veteran band "Air Supply" world tour concert in Shanghai will be landing on November 5th Shanghai International Gymnastic Center. This seventies and eighties of last century of excellence in the Forbes ranking of the band, sang songs too extraordinary, an "All out of love", so that the world of soft rock and pop songs off the wave. That "Air Supply" is about to come to Shanghai, a lot of songs they grew up listening to the music people, it exciting.

It is reported that many domestic singers and musicians, has made the best position groups to purchase concert tickets. Sun Nan , Han Hong , wolf , Zheng Jun , Gao Xiaosong , Zhou Xiao Ou, Zhang Yadong, Yie Bei other 60, 70 after they said, "air staging" singing the song Love and cardamom their prime years, and even Chen had , Li Xiaoyun and so the young singers The concert will be shown on the interest. Sun Nan said, as long as the schedule does not conflict, he must listen to the scene.

According to the organizers said, "Air Supply" loved China, Shanghai four years ago, the enthusiasm of the fans and give them left a good impression. Band members also filed a special Jackie Chan , and Jackie Chan tells the unforgettable encounter on the plane, and thus to know each other is the other "fans." Jackie Chan said he treasured a lot of "Air Supply" of the album, when driving is the most listened to their songs. The two band members through the organizers, would like to invite to Jackie Chan to the concert site, if possible, to perform the same stage.

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