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Jackie's 1+1 Interview

Here is the link to the 1+1 interview in which Jackie explains about his antique houses.


Selected quotes from the interview:

I will keep my word, the four house must be left in Singapore, and I felt very reassured. You see how they protect the cultural relics, what kind of protection and maintenance they give cultural relics, even the computer scans. All the different kinds of experts. It is really it as a treasure to see how they ensure every detail.

Mainland researchers have contacted me before. Often people have come with real estate projects that will be attached to a Jackie Chan Park next to the villas. I think this will certainly give people reason to criticize, so I turned them all down.

Five years ago, I showed those old houses to the wife of the Prime Minister of Singapore, and she really wanted to think of a way to preserve them. Seven days later, she said to me: "Do you want us to be responsible for the operation, maintenance, for us to pay for everything? Now there has been construction, and should be finished the end of 2014, or 2015.

I hope the Government will come up with a fund to protect these old houses. We have so few of this kind of thing, and they are being destroyed, destroyed when they are sold. I am very pleased that my actions can cause concern. I am willing to be the ambassador of the ancient buildings, to allow more people to love these relics.

You can never please everyone, but I have a clear conscience in my heart. I do not seek fame, and I'm not short of money, today I carry my own burdens. IWhatever business I do, I have not let down the nation, have not let down the people, further more I do not get any benefit but everything I do, I do the right way.






This is the full transcription of the interview thanks to IFENG.COM. It is translated using Google Translate. I'm sorry but there is too much text for me to correct it all. You can read the original at the link.

Jackie Chan: "the ancient mystery!

Moderator: Hello viewers, welcome to "News 1 +1" is not live. April 4, Jackie Chan bursts of four micro-Bo, to let everyone know he wanted to donate his collection of four old house to Singapore, four microblogging ripple, has a variety of sounds.After Jackie Chan said, to find a suitable time of the story to tell you, today we will interview with Jackie Chan, but first since then four microblogging talking about.

Commentary: "Twenty years ago, was introduced in the country to buy a ten Anhui ancient buildings, originally looking for a piece of land, re-built the old house to let my parents live, unexpectedly parents in more than 10 years have left , ten hall, stage, pavilion Huizhou wooden building, has been lying in the warehouse to become food for termites, these old buildings is the essence of the art of architecture in China, if you do not put out people enjoy is a waste. "

On the evening of April 4, less than 10 minutes Jackie Chan breath made a four micro-Bo, which of most raised that concern the news is that 10 he called the essence of the art of architecture Huizhou wooden building, Chan says he has promised four donated to the Singapore University of Technology Design. He also said that they looked at each other and careful research and the design of the surrounding environment, almost impulse to want the remaining six also donated. Jackie Chan's decision immediately led to the overwhelming response from users, support, understanding, more controversial, or even clear opposition.

"This must be cautious, once out, it becomes a foreign things, people want to see tougher nut to crack."

Huizhou architecture Wannan have its unique charm, to leave their homeland, these ancient buildings is bound to fade. "

"Do not forget you are in the movie" Zodiac "is how to say, it is China's own heritage initiative sent abroad, it is not properly!"

The civil discussion also attracted public opinion quickly moving up the media reported that, of these building materials rosewood and other valuable timber, two hundred to four hundred years of history, the market value of a billion dollars, some experts have proposed in situ conservation is best way to protect Anhui style, in the face of public debate, April 9 Jackie Chan through the microblogging responded by saying, "I did not expect to donate things of the house was a very public, in fact, I am looking for a chance to take it from head to tail about that, because this is the story of a very area, just a few words to say no to play, looking for the right opportunity to sit down and carefully. However, there are some things crisp, you rest assured that Jackie Chan will not do anything illegal things not do sorry nation. "

These Huizhou ancient buildings exactly where I belong also attracted the attention of many local governments, Huangshan City, Anhui Province, an olive branch to Jackie Chan, and hope that we can protect these ancient buildings placed in the outskirts of barren hills, and said that it has selected ten acres the best land left to them.

Also have this idea Longyou County, Quzhou, Zhejiang Yiwu temple town, they have also to Jackie Chan invitation, but Jackie Chan has been silent. The first to donate these ancient Why Singapore? The donation has been to what extent? These ancient buildings and count on artifacts? The remaining six will make any arrangements?

Moderator: You now have no regret, more than a month before the hair that four micro-blog, thought I'd have so much movement?

Jackie Chan: No regret, this thing will happen sooner or later, I know, because they do not understand the ins and outs of them, they only know that I donated some old houses, I like how the old house, why should donate the old house, talk about not understand, I say that we must sit here, keep speaking for an hour, but also to show you pictures, you know. If you just said, I donated the old house, I know that must be condemned, it is better to take this opportunity, just good, I made the situation, I look at the echo.

Moderator: Why did four consecutive microblogging, because this thing has been a foregone conclusion in Singapore, to tell you about, or just to test?

Jackie Chan: has also been a foregone conclusion, I go to Singapore just a coincidence (that day), they Singapore Heritage Museum set my Zodiac, I went to the other side the way, take a look at the old house, and see how they gave me an account, I read very moved, their preservation, maintenance, computer scanning all really look at other people, people, when this is really a treasure.

Moderator: Some users will say, Jackie Chan is not every day that patriotic, how the four house without leaving its domestic?

Jackie Chan: I think I have done some of my responsibility, I did. And I speak with the Singapore side, I want to do a cultural exchange, China cultural exchanges Park, this is some of the cultural exchanges between China and the New World of great help, not necessarily mean a chance to come back to something patriotic, not so . You see I am constantly putting culture, let people understand our Chinese culture, must take something out to, but these things are not only a national treasure, the only must bring it back.

Moderator: There are so many Internet users quit, so why not get the country to want to never thought to speak does not count it come back, or it is simply impossible.

Jackie Chan: You must stay in Singapore, speech because I can not not, then, as I said before, I give, and I felt at ease, the four houses in Singapore will be saved forever, they will be very well preserved, you see them how to protect their existing artifacts, very, very good, I have confidence in them.

10 years, before and after more than 20 years, my house is placed in there, I said how do see the house for termites, I have no place to put every relocation are very large a project, not to say that moving a TV machine, every thing is a ton, watch it rot, watching it rotten, repair and maintenance, repair and maintenance, when I bought did not think that this is a national treasure, I bought it, no, I is a very lucky coincidence buy

Moderator: 20 years ago?

Jackie Chan: Yes, buy it. To listen to the origin? Origin of my father come back to China, I said back to China you live courtyard Well, I told my assistant, they go first to the courtyard, looking for a place to find a place to find a place to find a place, I The friend said, not as good as this, to carry out some of the old house, your own cover. I say about it, they said we help you look around, we find a look at the results of a 9000 dollars, 9000 dollars, but all the pillars have been rotten, he said, did not you repair , the whole house, there is a main beam, 9000 to buy a main beam. 100 000, 150 000, 450 000, more than 100 million, back and forth, I bought more than a dozen buildings, after which they bought in Shanghai to engage in a venue to move past the wash, brush, maintenance, how many months after repair Building, after the ride up to me, and then removed, mark number, sent to Hong Kong to me, at that time casually Send sent to Hong Kong, I have no place to put the main beam, melon beam, beams I put in a good warehouses, other kind of outside wood I put in a very far away, is this more than a decade to get a move over, get a move over, and now I have ten in Hong Kong, there are still several buildings in Shanghai is still there, still there to repair it? I said how long to repair? How long will it be to engage in a block to my father? Mother died two years ago of the father gone, I said I do not donate, I am 60 years old, not in the day if you do not donate, do not know, those things become waste, in my lifetime, I hope that Hurry donate all things.

Short: You see, are rotten.

Reporter: This is the first look, is not it?

Jackie Chan:....

Commentary: Over the years, Jackie Chan bought so much Huizhou ancient architecture, as it is a need to repair fragmented parts.

Jackie Chan: Do you see the phoenix, each must fix it, fix it after you see more beautiful.

Commentary: This may be related to the public that Jackie Chan intact ancient gift to Singapore differ.

Reporter: In fact, now we understand may not the same, you may have here is the main girder frame or the original old, but you have to do a lot of new things.

Jackie Chan: the head was gone, I head to fill up, if this is camphor, I still use the old camphor wood fill up first, first removed, removed to Shanghai, piled on the there, the heap is finished one by one out wash, bubble, repair, and then put in there, repaired, and then hang up to me.

Moderator: Are you the first thought is to be donated to Hong Kong?

Jackie Chan: Hong Kong.

Moderator: But (Hong Kong) Why did not you accept? I saw (Hong Kong) There are several in the micro-Bo, one can not take people's money to repair this, and so on a number of factors, including Jackie Chan also said that he hoped to build his museum, also feels wrong given a good number of reasons.

Jackie Chan: because my home is now a tourist attraction, every day my Japanese fans, fans around the world on the outside knocking on the door, I might as well do a tourist attraction, and all my stuff to donate Go. I put in here, you can do a village, ten houses a museum, I put everything put in there, you can visit. I say this house, I have met with the Chief Executive, drink coffee, I said I want to stay in something, and I know you will give me to being criticized, you do not give me will be being criticized . Why Bruce Lee do not give? Why not give Anita? Why Leslie does not give you to Jackie Chan, I understand how to do it is wrong, so it is best not to do good, and as you know, is so densely populated, it is impossible to give you 15 acres, once said Ocean Park I, I said that night I must come. When the tourists go, I want to come in, he said this will not do. I donated the house is not enough, my office will not work, I want to see the office, the office I'm going to change things, change, today I see something wrong, things can be a change, a month later, they speak not, I spent so much money to buy this house, I donate, I have a right to it, letting Jackie Fund to apply for money to rent land, I do not understand these things. I also talked with some officials talked with the government, I say unfortunately, was born in Hong Kong, famous in Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Jackie Chan any thing.

Moderator: But I am sure you will ask, why should we donated to Singapore? In some parts of the continent, Huangshan, Zhejiang, which is not waving to you do?

Jackie Chan: waving to me, before I tried, did not implement. And often I will be implemented when it is found, the people is a real estate project to put my hook in, is what Jackie Chan Park, I was only to find, I am here to put a Jackie Chan Park, Peace Park, next to Villa area, I must give people call me on the back. There are many places to send to me, all of which I do not, did not dare to be.

Moderator: Why Singapore?

Jackie Chan: I bought in Singapore some of the old house, the old house of the British, I bought their own investments (Singapore) Prime Minister's wife (said to me) Thank you, you liked old house, I said, I actually also older, I coincidence with, I gave her a look, She read it and can you give me a look, I think of a way, I say yeah, her take seven days later, she said block to give you how to how to how do you want like we responsible for the operation, maintenance, all the money they give.

Moderator: a few years ago?

Jackie Chan: It should be five years ago, five years ago, things also. Because at that time I was an urgent need to want to donate to my everything, to give gave out.

Moderator: Tell you a good program to attract you.

Jackie Chan: All of them sent over, Tourism Minister, Minister of Culture, they really seriously, all the cultural relics protection, all those engineers to pick, I would pick four good in my opinion.

Moderator: local recovery process of this old house can I? Or, the process of the continent?

Jackie Chan: the process of the continent where do they read the ancient knowledge is good, you go to listen, I heard silly, what they lack, do not worry, we will certainly domestic bidding, to find the best person to recovery.

Commentary: Singapore University of Technology Design initiative to extend an olive branch and make a careful research and environmental design for the display of the four ancient buildings, Jackie Chan was deeply attracted.

Moderator: equal to Singapore very important point is that the government guarantees, and then settled in school.

Jackie Chan: Yes, I am not willing to, I'm not willing to give. You look at how to put Singapore? (S) immediately to wrap, wrap it, on the train, to the Singapore University to vacate an empty swing this, must have a fan blowing it in a large venue, take a large storeroom, each out to do the mark and then repair, computer scan, you look at every piece of wood, sprinkle with insect powder, you see how pretty they pendulum.

Moderator: He gave you a detailed plan, which is the inside of the park.

Jackie Chan: fourth university pavilion placed here, this is the school, this is the stage, the other two, is to give students in the inside. They should be the end of next year, after years covered them with the University, all students in Southeast Asia not to New York are all in this university, the University of Science and Technology.

Moderator: New.

Jackie Chan: You see, to put in here, to students studying here, students around the world will see this, because they have this (design), I'm still looking for domestic stone carving, stone, give them. To do it full.

The Moderator: more environmentally China.

Jackie Chan:....

Moderator: whether in Singapore has begun construction?

Jackie Chan: Start construction, should be the tail of 2014, completed in 2015.

Moderator: In fact, a lot of people are very concerned about this, the old house is very very much, but it is not the relics, you just said, you specifically to consultation? With the National Bureau of Cultural Relics to understand, these things can not go out, and so on.

Jackie Chan: It should not artifacts, some residential areas or some rich carved very beautiful, I put it more beautiful, maintenance should be the very culture of a good building, I think not artifacts .

Moderator: Next, people should be concerned about, well, that four has become a foregone conclusion, in Singapore. The next, such as media attention Jackie Chan may have ten sets may, in fact, a dozen of. Next, these sets will be settled in here?

Jackie Chan: If nothing unexpected happens, this has been six months ago, not because of the Internet users a chance to come back, has been with Beijing a unit in the talk, if nothing unexpected happens, six settled in Beijing, there should be two to settle down in Shanghai a certain place, there should be several buildings are still talking about two of my own stay in Hong Kong is really looking for an opportunity to stay in Hong Kong.

Moderator: settled to Beijing should be more clear, whether its use would be like, not like you are concerned about is the next to get real estate.

Jackie Chan: No, no, I will not use this in a park over there, as a Jackie Chan Park, Jackie Chan Peace Park, an environmental protection, culture, and not simply my own a Heritage Museum. Around a cultural thing, some lectures, may the New Year countdown bell, some people talk about the book, there is a cultural park, I want to do a good job in this park, in the plan, I will not open a chain, one of the side , over there, as it will do very poor quality, I will carefully and this place is doing a good job.

Moderator: how to look at so many public want the house to put them there places and people?

Jackie Chan: First of all, I go and see they have their own existing heritage conservation should be good, or is placed in some of the tourist area, many tourists place to show, I believe the most important, what are their intentions many ancient buildings, because this is Jackie Chan's ancient buildings, which are two different things, you see, this is Jackie Chan's ancient architecture, but also to engage in such a strong reaction. I think they are kind of my multi, or really out to do things, or really are heritage preservation.

Moderator: Jackie Chan received a dozen of the old house, ever since you made a micro-Bo, seems particularly concerned about, but you would certainly have to think of so many old houses, the how to better protect it, you must will have your thinking or your answers and suggestions.

Jackie Chan: It is recommended that provinces of state government to make good income, to have a fund to protect these old houses, you go to a French town, a small Italian town, small town in Germany, we are now this little town has few, are destroyed destroyed, he sold, I received some of the old house, I see the photos, you'll see a beam, corbel per removed sold, demolition gave removed . Because my (ancient donation) action caused by domestic people's attention, I am very happy, I am willing to do the ambassador of the ancient buildings, I hope more people to take good care of these artifacts, original take good care of it, so that all people, foreign tourists came to China, China town to go in there and really want to keep the small town kind of look.

Moderator: invested tens of millions in it, in fact, did not get anything, because you finally have to donate, but also savagely criticized, would not have wronged?

Jackie Chan: No, used to it. Anyway, I speak with others, can never please, but worthy of my heart. I do anything, I do not have the sorry state, not sorry for the things of the nation, and I do not have any interest in what I do is I think the right thing. But I think, not necessarily you feel, but I think I do this thing, I did not go against my own conscience, I felt very happy, so many years, including my speech, demeanor, I will be others curse, it does not matter, I had a great time, I fall asleep. I donate to me for anything, I pray name? Fame; I beg money, not money, can carry a luggage, open my own plane, I left, I retired, but I still do, I'm very happy, be scolded very happy.


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I support Him in everything He do...because I am sure He do it on the right way...and the best way...all from His heart with hard work with full love...for a better future for everyone !!!! <3 LOVE YOU JACKIE !!! >>>>

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