Friday, May 10, 2013

Jackie Chan Donates Remaining Houses to Beijing

Last night it was confirmed that Jackie has agreed to donate his remaining houses to Daxing District in Beijing. Yuan Nong, thanked the other cities who had offered space for the houses on Jackie's behalf saying - "Thank you very much to Huangshan Municipal Government and the Anhui Daily Newspaper for their interest and concern for Big Brother and these Huizhou old houses. You must help us to convey to the our thanks to Huangshan City for their kind invitation." An Huangshan Municipal Government officer, said that there was some regret, but more of a blessing in the news. "Where-ever Jackie Chan donates his houses they will be preserved and we offer our talent and technical support in preserving them."

Jackie has also appeared on a television show 1+1 to explain the whole story and his decision process with regard his antique houses.



Anonymous said...

I hope more and more people will follow jackie in His great amazing fight to show and share and rescue the treasures of the wonderful Chinese traditions and culture and to help people !!! <3

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