Friday, April 2, 2010

More on BMW's Green Program

PRC Beijing on April 2 (Xinhua Cao Miao) April 2, 2010, BMW hand in China Green Foundation officially launched in Beijing "BMW shade action." "BMW shade action" is a BMW in the field of corporate social responsibility of environmental protection is another power move. Activities initiated as a side, BMW is not only personally actively involved in tree planting, and also called on the majority BMW and MINI owners to join the activities, improve the environment, efforts to create a better home.

As an active part in environmental protection of the public at the same time as the BMW owners on behalf of Mr. Chan is naturally much media attention, in the present "BMW shade action" of the activities the scene, the media, Mr. Chan is a very frank, blew their own small bit to start from the side, affected families, and the stunt brothers and enthusiastic environment, concerned about the energy efficiency.

Jackie Chan: bits and pieces that environmental protection

I am engaged in environmental protection has been nearly 20 years. Because long-term settle abroad, so the importance of environmental protection has experience in long ago. People living in high-tech cities are used to wash open his mouth, leaving the tap running when brushing your teeth in the hotel deserved I should use something. However, when one day filming in Morocco when I saw a group of village girls, starting at 5am, take five hours to fetch water, I realized that, in some parts of the earth, water is so precious . Led me back to Hong Kong later, I began to turn off the water when brushing your teeth, try to save water. In fact, environmental protection is all around us. Environment depends on everyone from the start bit by bit.

Of course, environmental protection is not limited to water conservation. I just returned from the United States to participate in this event. In the United States a week, the hotel manager had asked me, why do not allowed to organize my room? In fact, I think each day for the hotel housekeeping staff is not necessary. A sheet can be a week without having to change and wash every day, a bar of soap have enough time to travel the eight countries. Bit by bit that is environmentally friendly. We are doing today, not only for China made, but done for the entire planet. The impact of a country is global.

Jackie Chan: BMW subscription base of 100 trees green

BMW is the world's largest car company. BMW worldwide. If each owner is planting a tree, it is more than tens of thousands of trees. If there were a thousand trees this year, next year may be extended to several million trees. I hope that BMW's actions can affect all walks of life.

Especially for us. Film is a major event, is also a matter detrimental to the environment. But we hope to bring to entertain the audience, so that environmental protection as much as possible. The time of filming, we had several hundred staff engaged in environmental protection. Therefore, we appeal to everyone, walking in the street to pick up a piece of waste paper into the trash, or water when the water bottle to write their names, these are each person can do.

Today, we are not asking for the arid areas to disaster, but we can from the little things. I always think that China has 1.3 billion people, one day these people used the water in the toilet, its volume would be underestimated. Drinking endless bottles of water, trees can be used to pour water the flowers. I hope that everyone involved in environmental protection in the past.

Previously, I have a dream, is to buy a mountain top, then take some children to the mountain trees. I see many Chinese big lack of attention to protection of ancient buildings disappeared, and that's sad. However, no building can be rebuilt, but around these buildings is not knotted, and it will be a great regret. So, today I am going to subscribe for the BMW 100 trees green base.




成龙: 点点滴滴就是环保









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