Saturday, April 3, 2010

Drought Relief China


China Entertainment Network News on April 3 evening, by the Chinese Red Cross, China Charity Federation, organized by China Federation of Literature; by the CPC Yunnan Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, Beijing Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, Yunnan Provincial Civil Affairs Department, the Chinese Red Cross Foundation Charity Yunnan Province, Yunnan Red Cross contractors; Dragon TV, Phoenix TV, Yunnan TV, Beijing TV, Dragon TV, Jiangsu TV, Guangdong TV, Guangxi TV, Hunan Satellite TV, Satellite TV, Shandong, Anhui Satellite TV, Zhejiang TV, Beijing 12 National Radio and other Satellite TV, and potatoes joint live network "drought relief - we in Action" a large public show was held in Beijing. Party also received Shanghai Charity Foundation and Beijing, Guizhou, Guangxi, Anhui, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Tianjin, Shandong and other provinces support the Red Cross and Charity.

In the beginning of the year late last year, five provinces in southwest China has experienced Bainianweiyu drought. In order to express support for the disaster area southwest of consistent drought and the national confidence, "Drought Relief - We in Action" show received positive public response, the party brought together the three areas of a large number of caring companies, charities and the community have helping hand, fellow of the drought experienced support and concern for its first aid, donations of water, money and materials give their love. In addition, a large number of community sports stars have also set the example, Jackie Chan, Andy Lau, Na Ying, Zhang Guoli, Jiang Wenli, Elva, Pu Cunxin, Cai Guoqing, Yu Chyi, Yan Weiwen and other senior took the lead a number of literary circle, led by a young one approved style industry star Bibi, Yao Di, Tong Lei, Ren Liang, He Jie, Xue of Qian, Ji Minjia, high Yunxiang, Zhang Duo, Yang Wei, BOBO, Ya-Li Huang, Cao Fang, with star appeal for the drought relief for one. Live video from Tudou can see superstars Andy Lau and personally pitched in to serve as telephone operators, to seriously answer calls and record each of their contributions in ways of love. When Andy Lau song "Chinese" when, several times choking excitement was palpable. Jackie Chan singing live show recorded specifically for the theme song "forget their roots."

Finally, the "drought relief - we in Action" Benefit Dinner at the "Love China" and the song came to a close, the party received a total of the community donated materials and funds up to 277,341,324 yuan. "Drought Relief - We in Action" Benefit Dinner show the mental outlook of the whole nation against disasters, donate to mobilize all forces to lend a helping hand in various ways, work together to aid the disaster areas, making a contribution to drought relief. Like watching a live web users potato said, "how much we are a country, though my own power is small, but we are family! Any difficulties we can get over it! We Wanshou Anti-through difficulties together! Do not be afraid, not panic, we're together! China to refuel, hit the brothers and sisters Come on! "


中国娱乐网讯 4月3日晚,由中国红十字会、中华慈善总会、中国文联主办;由中共云南省委宣传部、中共北京市委宣传部、云南省民政厅、中国红十字基金会、云南省慈善总会、云南省红十字会承办;东方卫视、凤凰卫视、云南卫视、北京卫视、东方卫视、江苏卫视、广东卫视、广西卫视、湖南卫视、山东卫视、安徽卫视、浙江卫视、北京人民广播电台等12家卫视,以及土豆网联合进行直播的《抗旱救灾——我们在行动》大型公益晚会在北京举行。晚会同时得到了上海市慈善基金会以及北京、贵州、广西、安徽、广东、江苏、浙江、天津、山东等省区市红十字会和慈善总会的大力支持。



Some photos of Jackie recording the song:


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