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Jackie and Lin Peng chosen as ambassadors for Charity

April 4, Jackie Chan (left), Wang Ping for a long time (left), Lin Peng (left) by the Chinese Women's Development Foundation appointed "Ambassadors."

Day, "Mother Reservoir" theme song - "drink from the source," announced at a ceremony in Beijing. At the ceremony, the theme song of the singer Jackie Chan, the word of artist Lin Peng Wang Ping for a long time and the Chinese Women's Development Foundation appointed "Ambassadors."

By the China Women's Federation, Chinese Women's Development Foundation to implement the "Mother Reservoir" charity project for 10 years, through the construction of rainwater harvesting in central and western arid areas of poverty and small cellar concentrated water supply project, to help women and their families deal with drinking water.






Xinhua Beijing on April 4 (Xinhua Philippines) 4 reporter from the China Women Development Foundation was informed by the author Wang Ping long-term drought created the song "drink from the source" was selected as the "Mother's Water Cellar" theme song, singing Jackie Chan who was selected as "Mother Reservoir" Ambassadors.

According to reports, "Mother Reservoir" public welfare project for a decade, the favor of the over 160 million people in arid areas, the Chinese Women's Development Foundation has been able to find a representative of "Mother Reservoir" theme song. When they hear "drink from the source", in particular see the "drought relief operation, we" show the deep feelings of Jackie Chan singing, they like the entire nation was deeply moved and felt the song with the "Mother Reservoir" is consistent with the meaning of , immediately decided to drought song "drink from the source" selected as the "Mother Reservoir" theme song. At the same time, hire Jackie Chan to China Women's Development Fund goodwill ambassador, Wang Ping for a long time, actors, Lin Peng China Women Development Foundation for the publicity ambassador, who China Women Development Foundation for "Mother Reservoir" further contribute to community projects such as love and power.

It is understood that, in the southwest region of China hit by severe drought in the occasion, "Love the Earth Mother Reservoir" public welfare projects in the drought played an important role in disaster relief. Particularly in the storage of water, purify water, protect the water facilities and improve water efficiency and convenience and so on, obviously. In the implementation of the "Mother Reservoir" public project areas, the masses of water can be basic protection.

新华网北京4月4日电(记者 李菲)记者4日从中国妇女发展基金会获悉,由词作家王平久创作的抗旱歌曲《饮水思源》被选定为“母亲水窖”主题歌,演唱者成龙被选为“母亲水窖”爱心大使。

  据介绍,“母亲水窖”公益项目实施了十年,润泽了160多万干旱地区群众,中国妇女发展基金会一直在寻找一首能代表“母亲水窖”的主题歌。当他们听到《饮水思源》,尤其是看到《抗旱救灾 我们在行动》晚会上成龙的深情演唱,他们与全国人民一样深受感动,觉得这首歌与“母亲水窖”的意义十分吻合,当即决定,将抗旱歌曲《饮水思源》选定为“母亲水窖”主题歌。同时,聘请成龙为中国妇女发展基金会爱心大使,王平久、演员林鹏为宣传中国妇女发展基金会大使,他们将为中国妇女发展基金会“母亲水窖”等公益项目进一步贡献爱心和力量。



中广网 Beijing on April 4 (Xinhuanet Liu Yue) Drought song "drink from the source," on April 4 was selected as the "Mother's Water Cellar" public action theme songs.

The evening of April 3 in the "drought relief we in Action" a large public party, Jackie Chan singing the song "forget their roots", has moved many people, but also encouraged the belief that all disaster. The song was then the Chinese Women's Development Foundation, China Women's Federation "Mother Reservoir" volunteering selected as the theme song. In the song the ceremony, the China Women's Federation of China Women's Development Foundation, the Secretary-General Tai Guoying hope more people involved in "Mother Reservoir" action.

Tai Guoying: "We believe that with this song, so more people involved in our operations to public welfare, cohesion more love, for the benefit of more people."

Ceremony, "drink from the source," Chan said the singer of songs, this song is a call for more people to save water.

Jackie Chan: "The theme song is called on more people concerned about the future of some affluent people to cities, families are saving water, called for more people to pay attention to the place with no water to drink, some remote areas. So I am duty-bound to promote the film. "


  4月3日晚在《抗旱救灾 我们在行动》大型公益晚会上,由成龙演唱的歌曲《饮水思源》,感动了许多人,也鼓舞了大家抗灾的信念。随后这首歌被全国妇联中国妇女发展基金会“母亲水窖“公益行动选定为主题歌曲。在歌曲捐赠仪式上,全国妇联中国妇女发展基金会秘书长秦国英希望更多的人参与“母亲水窖”行动。






China Women's Development Foundation (CWDF) was established in December 1988 and is a nation-wide non-profit social welfare organization registered with the Ministry of Civil Affairs and approved by People's Bank of China. China Women's Development Foundation, as an independent corporate legal representative, has been dedicated to improving women's overall quality, maintaining women's legal rights, promoting the development of women and women undertakings, and collecting funds and materials from the domestic and international enterprises and public sector undertakings, social organizations and individuals in over a decade.

The foundation actively participates in many social welfare activities including women education, training, poverty alleviation and disaster rescue, and has brought its special social function into full play. The foundation has done countless good and practical jobs that are widely recognized by all the corners in society.


No. 15 Jianguomennei Street, Beijing 100730




Shortage of water is a big problem worldwide, and the western part of China is one of the major arid areas on Earth. Male laborers flock to cities as a result of China's social transformation, leaving women there as the main workforce in the poverty- and drought-stricken countryside. They have to trudge several to dozens kilometers on the mountain road each day just to fetch water.

When the United Nations was setting the millennium development goals and the Chinese government announced its Western Development Strategy, All-China Women's Federation initiated the campaign of "Unite all the women nationwide and Build a beautiful western China" and made an appeal to women for their active participation in western development. Responding to the Western Development strategy of the government and helping solve the difficulty of drinking water for residents in drought-stricken areas in Western China, All-China Women's Federation, Beijing Municipal Government and China Central Television sponsored in 2000 the large-scale love-devoting campaign of "Love Tied with the West, Co-sharing the Mother's Love" which was undertaken by China Women's Development Foundation. The campaign raised 116 million RMB Yuan as the exclusive fund for "Land of Love, Water Cellar for Mothers", and the fund had been invested by stages in water-deficient areas in Western China starting from 2001. The love-devotion program gained wide attention and support from all circles home and abroad ever since its very initiation. In October 2001, "Land of Love, Water Cellar for Mothers" was written into White Paper on Poverty Alleviation in China's Rural Areas by the State Council. At the end of 2001, it was listed as one of the "top ten news items about Chinese women", and in November 2003, it was selected as one of "China's top ten public welfare brands". Then, in November 2005, "Land of Love, Water Cellar for Mothers" was awarded "China Charity Prize".



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