Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dragon's Heart Foundation Advert

I found this advert for Jackie's Dragon's Heart Foundation on a Chinese video sharing network a while back.


Iris Lin Reyes said...

How can I get help from Mr Jackie Chan Foundation? We need his support to relocate the poor families currently located at danger zone Like flooding, landslide, earthquake fault line a safe place but lack of funds to put through. We are a Non-Government Organization in the Philippines. Those poor families lack of Food and children have no chance to go to school. This is due to poverty in my country. We are trying to raise fund to relocate them to a safely place but lack of funds to proceeds.If you know how to contact him please do let us know. Appreciate for your kind assistance. We thank you on behalf of the poor families in the Philippines. Thank you.

SuperChanBlog said...

Here is the address to write to:

The JC Group
No. 70 Pak To Avenue
Clear Water Bay Road
Clear Water Bay
Hong Kong

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