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Is this Jackie's Oldest Fan?

Centenarian files

Name: Chen Junhua

Date of birth: 1906 lunar 14

Birthplace: Huayang

Present Address: No. 1, Lane Anton double

Old people

Daily Recipes

Morning: an egg, a small bowl of porridge, egg-sized piece of lard

Noon: a small bowl cooked rice, a small bowl of tofu, a bowl of cake strictosidine

Night: a bowl of lard surface

Snack: rock sugar, white sugar

Unfortunately, the old man's story, had to start from her more than 40 years old --- it is often lamented, time for a return to hard; but there is a helpless sigh more people, it is not only time not to return, even memory is also not a touch.

104-year-old Chen Junhua old, her life before the age of 40, fuzzy and distant. But this does not affect her as a fan of Jackie Chan. Perhaps Jackie Chan brought her, is her current activities of a small radius of the maximum pleasure.

To read a letter from his son

46 years on the school

Has shown signs of Chen Junhua great-grandmother, in her son Don Yi Fu's home. Sunny weather, she was close to the window to sleep on the sofa the morning. See someone, wake her daughter gently, got up to greet the elderly with a smile. 104 years old, in addition to hearing is not very good, the body can be considered Chian-Lang Chen Junhua: speak clear thinking, but always talked and chatted on the pull back to the early liberation of breath, do not care whether the audience.

1906 Jun-Hua Chen was born in Huayang rural areas, childhood family was poor, can not go to school to study word recognition. Thus, her memory of the new China, deeply and "literacy program," the experience together.

Shortly after the founding of new China, Jun-Hua Chen was only 16-year-old son joined the Korean War volunteers. Did not know a word of Chen Junhua, often received a letter from his son always very exciting, but looking at a picture of the black writing on white paper, but I do not know her son was talking about, the total needed to read the books near relatives home, please someone to read before "listening" are the words of his son.

This allows Chen Junhua pain illiterate trouble. What's more, she is someone who does not love trouble. It was in that year, when Chen Junhua participated in literacy courses organized by the government, when she was 46 years old.

"Black gloon winter on the ah What the stars. Blackboard writing, put ah Why shine. Any word, shine? Learning, learning the words I know the Qing." 104-year-old Chen Junhua remember the fifties of last century This first "couple reading" Google has been the rage in the river north and south. At that time, many people are singing this song and went into the classroom literacy classes. As these schools can only commence in the winter, so we call it "winter school." In order to support the family, Chen Junhua up every day to the site during the day to move stones, carry the bag, to sunset, she hurried home to make dinner a few children, himself or casual bite to eat near a primary school on rush. Sons and daughters remember her mother was active than anyone else, every day, "school" have to come back late at night, the mother should look for a while under the kerosene lamps, books, quietly read a few before going to sleep. This was already 46 years old "students" memory has been better than young, but for his own son read the letter sent home, her diligent fool, even when they forget to work a few meditation, or take twigs, pebbles gestures on the floor. Gradually, her son can read the letter, and read out a letter will be read aloud, listen to several other children.

Until now, old people get up every day around 8:00, when the newspaper showed her daughter, she started to concentrate on reading, and do not wear reading glasses --- This is particularly proud old place, "a lot more than 50 no eye-year-old man so I do. "read do not know where or when they do not know the word, she will outline the cross marking fight to find the children to answer. We encountered busy and was told that later tell her, adding that she would like children to people pestering, insisted to her before anything explained.

Their stomachs

Confused bread given away

In the eyes of the sons and daughters, mothers Chen Junhua hard-working, broad-minded. As many farm women, hard-working, simple.

Before 1951, Chen Junhua alone with three children in the Huayang rural labor, her husband was working in Chengdu Jiu Yanqiao. To a family reunion in 1951, she took three small children, hands holding basket back, walk all the way to Chengdu, Chengdu began to settle in life. Famine years, sons and daughters still remember my mother to let them eat anything, preferred to go hungry, "is eating up the cake and wheat bran." Four daughters, said Chen Junhua, a man has no food to eat, the mother will first put a small piece of cake soaked in water for some time, wait until soft, then chopped with a knife. How to eat a variety of: fried or into the pot when cooking food; or add boiling porridge, etc. to fill their stomachs revolve.

Mothers and children not only good, very good to others. Group of mainlanders came to Chengdu a year to eat along the discussion, the mother remaining at home for a few gave them bread, it turned out the little pocket money, bought a lot of bread gift to those people, but when she he still hungry. "People away from home is not easy, it can help to assist him." Mothers would tell their children who face charity.

The early nineties of last century, Jun-Hua Chen for her sons and daughters of the new house, 80-year-old also pushed himself into battle sand, "she restless, still Shuaiguo tumble." Sons and daughters said.

Her 104-year-old

Saw Jackie Chan on TV

"This is the true spirit of old lady!" Neighbors often praised her. In front of Chen Laotai neighbor and his head of silver hair, but hair was always meticulous, from head to toe, clean and tidy.

Chen Laotai children to say, like a clean. Every day, to hot foot bath, this is an enjoyment of her old age. Every night before bed, she let daughter side to hot water, shut the door, put up their own towel to wipe himself with a little hot water, a wipe is more than an hour, and then slowly dressing, sleeping.

The elderly do not see a little room debris, clothing, bed with neat geographical good. A few years ago for the elderly or their laundry, and now can not wash themselves, and others for her laundry, she somehow next to "monitor" what was assured. "Mother has always been a woman pay attention to appearance, young family was poor, a limited number of pieces of old clothes are always clean, even patched the."

Old or a "supernormal" and "groupies" it. Every night, she and her son and daughter watching television a while, due to poor hearing, Jun-Hua Chen does not like to watch Korean dramas are crying, idol, she like to watch the play Jackie Chan's action movies. As long as the TV put Jackie Chan movie, she will see, even hear, but see Jackie imposing unrestrained action, she would have fun laughing, even saying good-looking good-looking.

"Mother lived to this age, and her life's work habits and mind related." Sons and daughters said. Even today more than 100 years old, every summer, the old will be wandering in the compound on crutches, strings of doors, and talk and talk; winter could not leave, she would walk back and forth in the house. From small to large, children are almost never saw the mother and the others had red face, oral fight. Mother always told them, was forgive and forget.

Today, Chen Junhua live double Anton Lane 1, compound. Sun, she occasionally would sit outside the compound and chat with neighbors, broken pieces in his mouth and remembered.

Old man that the birth had the furthest gate, that is, from 1951 to Chengdu Huayang "search of her husband." 104 years old, she even outside in the compound, seems to be somewhat curiously out of people to drive to ... ...








































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