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Cannon 550D Jackie Chan Edition

April 23, 2010, the third collection of Canon Photography Contest starts moving press conference held in Beijing. Canon EOS SLR camera spokesperson Jackie Chan, famous photographer, Mr. Wang Wenlan and other guests to the scene, Canon (China) Co., Ltd. Hideki Ozawa, president, vice president of Jigang Da students, Canon camera, the new Minister for the cause of the cause of the rise of this Part is also modest first-class attended the conference. Conference to announce the love hope pictures of primary school graduates plan and launched a grand commemoration of Jackie Chan limited edition Canon EOS 550D Digital SLR.

Just came back from the Yushu hit Jackie in person at the scene for the Canon 550D with a commemorative Hebei banbishan hope aided primary school graduates take a graduation photo, 2010 Canon announced the photo pictures of elementary school program was officially launched.

The launch of the commemorative 550D, sold a total of 2010 units (according to Jackie revealed that his friends have scheduled a 50, the time seems to really want this commemorative edition SLR is the need to prepare early on), this year formally listed in June, is expected to sell for 10,000 yuan.

2010年4月23日,第三届佳能感动典藏摄影大赛启动发布会在京隆重举行。佳能EOS单反相机代言人成龙大哥、著名摄影家王文澜先生等嘉宾莅临现场,佳能(中国)有限公司总裁小泽秀树、副总裁吉冈达生、佳能照相机事业本部事业部长新崛谦一等也出席了此次发布会。会上公布了关爱希望小学毕业生留影计划,并隆重推出了成龙限量纪念版佳能EOS 550D数码单反相机。




April 23, 2010, the third Canon Photography Contest starts moving collection of conference held in Beijing. Canon EOS SLR camera voice of international superstar Jackie Chan, famous photographer, Mr. Wang Wenlan and other guests to the scene, Canon (China) Co., Ltd. Hideki Ozawa, president, vice president of Jigang Da students, Canon camera, the cause of the cause of this Part, First Minister Niihori Him also attended the conference. Conference to announce the love hope pictures of primary school graduates plan and launched limited edition grand Canon EOS 550D Digital SLR.

Popularity contest two years full part in promoting the accumulation of millions of popular visual culture
Canon Photo Contest has been held in two consecutive, is becoming the most influential one of the photographic competitions. 2009 Total 110 000 Film 17 through the network of Friends of thousand photos to race, there are tens of millions of people concerned about the race, is the maximum number of participants, the highest number of high-level work Photography Contest. As a sponsor, Canon photography contest is not simply just want a photo competition, it is a photographers photography help improve the platform. Popular culture to promote the image of China as an important move, Canon's determination to continue to hold down competition, to turn them into universal images can easily participate in cultural event.

Photo Contest entries from this collection began on May 5 to end on September 4 and will be selected after winning the final award presentation ceremony was held. EOS users, whether or Hirohide PowerShot and IXUS Yikesasi users, whether professionals or the general public, can play, record your emotions, capture the bit moved around, brought about by the photography experience fun.

Competition rules of the game easy to adjust to improve sharing of moving
order to make ordinary people can participate in the race to this year's competition, whether race settings, award selection, or participation in mechanisms to do some adjustments and improvements, so that participants become more simple and convenient, more attractive. In addition to competition participants can use the official online transfer photos, you can also Tencent, all network and other channels participate in the competition; In addition, up to 4 months during the collection of entries, Canon will be held in the country more than a famous photographer hosted talks and outdoor photo photography activities will help participants to better enhance the video capture technology friendly, to Canon photography contest really approached the general public, to become lovers with each other, and work together to enhance photography platform.

This competition has done in the regulations, a larger improvement: first enriched category and set. In addition to previously established professional group, up to one group, the general public, youth groups, the new university group photo printing group. Among them, the youth and college groups do not do film theme, allowing participants free rein. You used to take into account some shadow print photos, this new addition of the print group competition, participants can use to print the paper submission competition entries, feel out the real picture of the fun.

Second, the various groups of participants to further clarify the definition of the object. Professional group for professional photographers, who set up to use the SLR photography enthusiasts as the participating objects, the public group for the DC, the majority of users to ensure fair competition.

Third, established by groups of different assessment criteria and assessment method: the professional group and up to one group of photos will be first Chinese Photographers Association, the Chinese folk Photographers Association, the Chinese art photographers and other professional organizations and the Canon three joint selection, and finally by the famous photographer, an expert panel assessment. The group is a network of public voting and more than men, Ning Hao selection generated entries, and then be assessed by professional judges.

As a reward mechanism for competition, this year's photography contest prizes are very abundant. In addition to Canon's range of digital imaging products as prizes, all finalists have access to commemorate the album competition, professional group winners the chance to get Canon to subsidize personal film festival. Meanwhile, the contest period will be special guests each month are a selection of outstanding works will be rewarded.

2010年4月23日,第三届佳能感动典藏摄影大赛启动发布会在京隆重举行。佳能EOS单反相机代言人国际巨星成龙先生、著名摄影家王文澜先生等嘉宾莅临现场,佳能(中国)有限公司总裁小泽秀树、副总裁吉冈达生、佳能照相机事业本部事业部长新堀谦一等也出席了此次发布会。会上公布了关爱希望小学毕业生留影计划,并隆重推出限量版佳能EOS 550D数码单反相机。

两年大赛积累千万人气 全民参与推动影像文化普及


比赛规则调整改进 轻松参赛分享感动






Start caring hand in public pictures of primary school graduates plan
hope this year's photography contest developed care plans hope that pictures of primary school graduates, breakthrough in the photo competition and the public good together. Photo Contest Upload a photo for each participant, Canon will donate one yuan for social welfare. Related donations will be donated to the Jackie Chan part of the "Dragon Heart" five primary schools of hope for the hope that the school's graduating students to take graduation photos, and create collection of albums graduation gift to students, helping them retain the most beautiful childhood memory. Canon EOS as a spokesperson, but also photographers, Mr. Chan, Xinglong County, Hebei Province, the scene was banbishan Canon Hope Elementary School sixth-grade children graduating class graduation photo shot, opened the 2010 Photo Contest Canon moved Collections Care Images of primary school graduates plan hope the prelude. Canon has been the cause of concern and commitment to student welfare, now China has aided in 10 primary schools of hope, Canon "Image • ray of hope" project has provided 100 primary schools of hope photographic equipment, photography training room set up.

携手公益 启动关爱希望小学毕业生留影计划




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