Wednesday, April 28, 2010

This made me smile ...

Jackie Chan-edition EOS 550D probably won't do stunts

What can lock eyes with the baddies, perform death-defying jumps, leap off tall buildings (and helicopters) and save a little girl while wearing an amicable smile? Jackie Chan? Spot-on! Who better to flash that million-dollar smile for the camera?

Enter the Eye of Dragon EOS 550D released by Canon China, with gold accents around the camera's name and logo near the hotshoe. The US$1,450 package will also come with a specially designed camera strap and leather case. And, instead of the usual 18-55mm kit lens, the snapper will ship with the 18-135mm glass. Did we also mention there's a Jackie Chan photo album bundled as well?

Strictly for fans of the action auteur, only 2,010 sets of the Eye of Dragon EOS 550D are produced. Just remember that the camera's warranty doesn't cover damage caused by stunts


So if you are lucky enough to get one of these limited edition camera's ... don't forget ... it won't do stunts!


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