Sunday, April 4, 2010

Wang Pingjiu Blog Entry

This is the blog entry for Wang Pingjiu writer of yǐn shuǐ sī yuán 《饮水思源》(Drink from the Source).

Flew back to Beijing from Shanghai, Beijing TV, etc. directly to Jackie to join "our drought relief action" live show.

I am early to some, met Andy. After last year's National Day, no how we meet each other only through a text message. Perhaps not seen for a long time, so we were extremely happy talk. Sigh with time off so fast, with memories of happy days of the Olympics. He is now filming the "New Temple", the Expo and I am busy with each other are to be done.

Jackie Chan and director Stanley Tong rush came, they both went to Beijing suburbs took time for the film "Zodiac," the election landscape. As Andy in an interview room, big brother do not want to disturb him, big brother on the gate more than 10 minutes, and indicate the staff not to bother Andy.

Director to bring the four children in Yunnan, to communicate with the Big Brother show details. Four children cry comes home without water, and they is what I see in the news, really really want to go hug them. I found the eyes of big brother in evade the eyes of children, or even avoid all eyes, he turned and took some tissue and wipe the tears for the children. I see a brother trying to control their emotions, because I know him, I knew he could not stand there. I have an excuse to speak up and his brother took him aside, "I see they want to cry." Brother said to me.

Pro on the stage, brother of the Xu Gehui said, "You little ask me more than speak." I understand that Big Brother was afraid he could not help myself, because his hand was holding just a few children, because those children are still in tears.

I saw the stage to the stage several times over to see Big Brother, I know when the big brother to tears, but no tears.

Big Brother did not want to "drink from the source" to bring to the lyrics, and today he has found time in the back of the lyrics, unfortunately too many things to get his songs to perform from less than one day, I asked him to bring to the lyrics, he is like a lovely Like primary school students singing seriously, thinking ... ...

Big Brother down from the stage, in the corridor see to that a few children, brother approached them in his arms, said, "My child, do not cry, everything will be fine, we help you, the country to help you, we are together . " Chung came as a large number of journalists, I had to drag brother away.

The drought, actually I do not want to write songs, and I want to change a way to practice their own conscience. I do not want to rely on their achievements in this way, it makes me uncomfortable, let me uncomfortable. But still I write, written with tears, then wipe with tears, and not see signs of love to the depths of that song.

"Through life and death," "Life," "take you home," "drink from the source" ... ... this is catastrophic I write songs, I do not deny the song's influence in society, do not deny that these songs for my band to the well-known ... ... to the back of each song is so sad, I'd rather not write songs, would rather not have these so-called fame, and I know that behind the lives of the people is flesh and blood of mutual affection, I really have do not want to cry, do not want big brother in tears.

"Drink from the source," after that? I hope nothing, I wish I could write no song!














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