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Jackie and Ajia Press Conference

Ajia of Mandarin album "meet you" press conference, the public goods in the Beijing International Cultural Exchange Centre. This also marks the first Tibetan woman with known A good portfolio mix, to bring new album, the official return of pop music. This opportunity, I believe Chinese music scene following the 'Chinese style' in power, the 'national style' will be a strong return. International superstar Jackie Chan to bring new disciples to the scene to congratulate Seven Little Fortunes, a famous singer Yang Kun is also busy scene site. Ajia of the circle of friends was once a teacher Dolma, Tan Weiwei, Pu Pakistan A, Tashi Dhondup, also to bring good luck for their VCR.

"Possession of home girls" Tibetan opening

The conference opening, abandoned the practice of opening the current host, but choices directly from the A jia of power rock out a new album song "collectors girl." Moreover, "possession of home girl" or to Tibetan singing. This opening can be called ingenuity. As a prelude to the beginning, Ajia of voice at the scene sounded Tibetan characteristics. They use are unique to their music, tell all the people who love folk music: "We're back, with a dedication to music!"

As the chorus enter, Ajia their interpretation is also getting better. The audience you have year-round media to participate in the conference, the record companies can be said is an industry veteran. Ajia of media to give up you are familiar with Chinese, Tibetan on Ajia for the fact they are more difficult. If you choose to interpret because the Chinese, some of the lyrics for the melody will increase the score, more likely heighten the atmosphere of songs. Ajia of the Tibetan language in the conference opening, just to let all of you media and guests, rendering the lyrics aside, more attention to the quality of their music. While singing the Tibetan language, but the audience is still a lot of friends in the media with the rhythm of the music gently nodded. With the Chinese, the same as the Chinese people, the kind of blood connected, even the heart of national understanding through music performance the most. Ajia many of the media's singing is also appreciated.

Shows the three grown VCR "Gesang Hua"

This new album, "meet you" song from the collection, recording, filming MV, issued to the press conference today, after nearly three years experience, can be said is crafted. The difficulty of which only Ajia they know. Stop a song, Ajia of deep feelings. In particular, growth of the organizers prepared a VCR, invited Ajia and you the media and guests present at the common review Ajia combination of fighters, past young look. VCR little bit of showing the three "Gesang Hua" - A good combination of the beauty of transformation.

Through the growth of VCR, so come along with review of all conference and recalled A Sentimental look good combination, since in this way, Ajia growth, at every stage has pleasant surprise. Ajia and then brought the new album title track "to meet you." "Meet you" catchy melody, lyrics frank sincerity. Ajia they sighed and said: "In fact, we feel that" meet you "is not only broke our hearts miss a love of regret, but also reflect on a lot of good feelings. And the people are wonderful affinity between. You may meet is love, you can meet friends, meet a family you can, as between mother and child is a life meet. Today, the media and guests, and you do not also by chance "met" you? "

"Tri-color ring in the action" was officially launched

A good combination has been committed to environmental protection, precisely because they come from the snow-covered plateau near zero pollution, exposure to the city Ah good, the face of the dying green, endangered lives, face the stale air, A more immediate hope of good, every inch of land, every city can have the same home with their clean air, blue sky.

In the conference comes into play, each scene the guests and the media were all given a red ring. This tri-color ring is made from white, blue, green three color composition. White represents the air and water, which is an important element in the survival of life. Blue represents the sea and the azure blue sky. Green symbolizes the meaning of life in fact. Just a simple word of life, but because the earth gave birth to life, only now we are and what we saw. The event aims to protect the common earth, as an opportunity to carry out a series of environmental protection activities.

Declaration of the stars corresponding homogeneous environment

Ajia of very good relations with others in the circle, and many artists have responded to the call Ajia, together with Ajia for the environmental protection was only once the teacher Dolma, Tan Weiwei, Pu Pakistan A, Tashi Dhondup and other stars are recording the environmental declaration, which is worth mentioning that the "Beijing Kingsoft on" the original singers Cedain Zhoima teacher despite advanced age, but Getting Ajia of hair piece, recorded the first to congratulate VCR, Let A good moved.

Ajia as soon as Tibetan treble sounds of nature, all the spotlights are collected in one person, he is an international superstar Jackie Chan. The Jackie Chan busy schedule to bring a new Seven Little Fortunes come to this conference, for the Ajia of refueling stations. Ajia of fat, to congratulate the film, Jackie Chan himself prepared for the Ajia of small trees as a gift. Asked Jackie why the delivery of small trees, the older brother that nurtured a seedling of hope, as if Ajia were the same as good, I hope they grow. While a small symbol of green seedlings of hope, a symbol of environmental protection of the road long way to go, hope that we can to protect Mother Earth. Jackie implantation of small seedlings in soil, Ajia of irrigation on the Namco precious alpine holy water.

Particularly worth mentioning is that the press conference Jackie admitted and "not like" Ajia, just like Ajia good song. Let all the people present were very puzzled. Jackie explained: "So although the joke, but also for fear of paparazzi false reports, write baffled and Ajia good sex scandal." Brother also spoke to the conference site to Yushu in Qinghai and Yunnan arid disaster sympathy for the situation. Very pleased that Big Brother is preparing to leave in Yunnan, the kind of weather, experiencing over 200 days of drought, the Yunnan finally rain. Big Brother joke: "If this can be brought to Where the rain, I will not do anything else, and everywhere the rain." And then Jackie and Ajia of songs from the new album with the song "Call . " "Call" is April 22 "Earth Day" tribute song. With Big Brother and A good song, the entire conference to a climax.

百度娱乐讯 4月24日阿佳组合国语大碟《遇见你》新闻发布会,在北京品众国际文化交流中心举行。这也标志有着藏族第一女子组合之称的阿佳组合,携新专辑正式回归歌坛。以此为契机,相信华语歌坛继‘中国风’当道后,‘民族风’将强势回归。国际巨星成龙先生携弟子新七小福到场表示祝贺,著名歌手杨坤也百忙之中到场站台。阿佳组合的圈中好友才旦卓玛老师、谭维维、蒲巴甲、扎西顿珠等也来为她们送上祝福VCR。




  成长VCR 展现三位“格桑花”












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