Friday, July 17, 2015

Railroad Tigers Steams Ahead

A casting call has gone out for Railroad Tigers (directed by Ding Sheng). Filming will start on 16 October 2015 in Beijing and Shandong. The budget is $50 million.


Annet said...

Finally a film that is actually going to be filmed in October. Saw on the net they also found a director for the foreigner so that is taking form as well. Really looking forward to see these films. They are both different.

SuperChanBlog said...


The adaption of "The Chinaman" (good story!) by Stephen Leather no longer has a title and they are 'in talks' which means nothing is settled. This one has gone backwards several steps in its path to being made at this point.

Annet said...

Thank you for the update. Bad news as it seemed to be a very nice film and different to what Jackie Chan has done so far. If shot on location (Ireland) there would be some beautiful scenery in the film as well. Fingers crossed it will be made.

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