Tuesday, July 14, 2015

What Next?

A message from Jackie on which film he is making next.


...I have also heard that you are very concerned about which movie I am going to make next. In fact several projects are in development, however my usual practice has always been to see which project genuinely matures, to achieve a point where it is good enough to go ahead and make. I do not blindly follow the crowd, and I do not rush the time it takes for the movie to be good, to naturally find it's audience. On the other hand, if a project still has not reached my standards, then I will immediately work at polishing it, I am not afraid to take the time to expend a great deal of effort.



Annet said...

Sounds like good commen sense. It rarely becomes a good movie when things are rushed. A bit funny to read Jackie Chan is almost as much in dark as us fans are about his next filming project :-)

Dagmar Crmanova said...

Thanks a lot for this Jackie´s comment. When I was it I also guessed and hoped I will read something is fixed already but Jackie is still in searching what to do first. So let´s hope soon we will know more about his next project.

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