Thursday, April 24, 2014

Amazing Pieces of History

Two amazing pieces of history:

This is the original contract Jackie signed with Yu Jim-Yuen when he entered the China Drama Academy, age 7.
It is on display in the JC Film Gallery in Shanghai.

This is an original handbill from a Hong Kong Opera Theater advertising a performance. Jackie (as Chen Yuen) is listed as one of the performers.


gull sarfraz said...

its just marvellous

Annet said...

Wow, thank you for posting this

Bárbara Chan 陳芭芭拉 said...

This is very rare, wow!
I started reading the book I'm Jackie Chan - My Life in Action, and it was cited that contract. This agreement meant that from that moment would be Jackie Yu Jim Yuen owned for 10 years !!!

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