Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hubei Spring Festival Gala

The Hubei Spring Festival Gala was broadcast last night.

Here is Jackie singing Guo Jia.

Jaycee sang "Life on a String"


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed both performances. Jackie could carry the whole show by himself. No backup's in the background to clutter the pic. I've not seen any performance by Jaycee before. I like the song, it's captured a youthful feel, even if I don't know what he's singing.

carolthescot said...

Fab-thanks for sharing ;0) xx

Anonymous said...

Jackie is so powerful..singing so wonderful !!! and both of them are very cutie them !!! Looooove Jackie !!! Love you All !!!
Happy Chinese New Year !!!

camila alves said...

Jackie and your son is so cute >.<

Anonymous said...

I'm disappointed. The soundtracks on these clips are exactly the same as the album recordings. Did they lip-synch, or were these clips dubbed in post-production?

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