Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Jackie's Water Bottle

I just had to share this. We have all seen and heard about Jackie's habit of marking his waterbottle so as not to confuse it with other bottles resulting in wastage, and his habit of pouring any left over water on any nearby plants as well as crushing the bottles afterwards to reduce space in the rubbish (Good habit BTW). So this is a post from Jackie's stylist Zhou-zhou saying how Jackie has inspired him to do the same. However I shared this because the picture is of Jackie's water bottle which made me smile. I would have assumed that Jackie would write his name on the bottle - but - look it says Da Ge (Big Brother).


SOURCE: http://t.sina.com.cn/1336365145

He also happens to have some very nice photos of the opening of the Beijing International Film Festival as well as Jackie's birthday at Nobu on his blog.


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