Monday, April 25, 2011

Jackie Chan Expo Ambassador

Jackie is (of course) the Ambassador for the Canon Expo in Shanghai. He gave an interview today which I have quoted below. The Expo runs from 19.5.11 to 22.5.11 in Shanghai.

Canon Expo 2011 Shanghai - Interview with Ambassador Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan loves photography, the camera almost every day to leave the body. Can inspire creative inspiration when I see the action, scene, he would take pictures with the camera, the audience works in the Jackie Chan film see the special action, props, costumes, etc., are based on his computer in the photo material retained evolved, the camera can be said to Jackie Chan as an important tool to absorb knowledge. In addition, Chan also love to shoot like animals, clouds and other natural features.

Jackie Chan Zhong Aijia energy, he is still very early collection of Canon products. He said half-jokingly, that is a very valuable camera, have the opportunity, he may get the first generation of Canon Internet to sell, sell Canon. The Canon's high-quality service, advanced technology, ergonomic design, and so are the reasons for Chan select Canon cameras, while Canon has always been committed when he found the field of innovation research, such as the medical technology and high quality Su effective integration of technology imaging technology, etc., but also allowed him to have a deeper understanding of Canon.

Chan said the world is now more and more attention to China's every move, although he do not understand the economy, but to take his own experience is concerned, the past is to find someone they want to fly abroad to talk about cooperation. Now, people from around the world flew to China to take the initiative to their movies. Therefore, he believes we should cherish this opportunity, to live up to expectations, the basic things we do. Jackie Chan film requires a lot of high-quality equipment, whether it is the camera Ye Hao, Ye Hao cameras. He said he envisioned using the Canon camera to image photographed at the same time to break out with a photocopy machine, do the first array, so that we very specifically what he thought. As a result, filming went more smoothly. And he felt that we should with an open mind, to meet people from different worlds come to China to make a film, or cooperative and learn knowledge and progress.

Canon in Shanghai, China for the world exposition held in 2011, Chan was valued, he called (encourage) people together to visit, study, it is important to go to understand the application and the invention of the Canon it created. Maybe, you will also find him when visiting this fair







You can read a message from Jackie HERE on the Canon website.


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