Monday, April 4, 2011

Xinghua Qiandao Rapeseed Flower Tourism Festival More Photos

Jackie and Lucky 7 performed 'Youcai Hua' at the festival last night.

April 3 Xinghua City, Jiangsu Province, night black towel swing Wetland Park, a beautiful tourist destination, the first stop in China - China Xinghua Third Qiandao Canola Tourism Festival was officially opened by the Sun Media Group, the contractor, the famous host Ms. Yang Lan who presided over large-scale live performance "Aqua Xinghua, Jiangsu Province, built" a great success. Xinghua local extras, and Jackie Chan, Na Ying, Yang Lan, Tan Jing and other stars took to the stage, portrait perform.

Xinghua Municipal Government jointly with the Sun Media Group, the ecological beauty, creative folk culture with local flavor into the spirit of a table meal, with the artistic interpretation of life, so people took to the stage. To "stack field" as the main performance elements, through the spring rape, summer flowers, autumn rice flowers, winter blooming aloe, Xinghua a flowers to express the unique ecological charm. By the Zhu Hai lyrics, composer Xiao Ke, Ming Jun girls singing "beautiful destination," opened the prelude to the opening ceremony.

"Big Brother" portrait of Jackie Chan sang at the opening ceremony of "Youcai Hua", the passion with the audience interaction. "Mu farmland species Diansha?" Jackie Chan asked the audience, "If you have mu land, and you kind of Diansha?" The audience shouted: "kind of Canola!" Chan said: "My family has mu Canola. "exclaimed causing a scene, the atmosphere to a climax.

Cauliflower Festival, Xinghua City will also host the first in the scenic Thousand Islands cauliflower rural food festival, like food where friends can enjoy the Xinghua rustic dishes, snacks. Cauliflower princess named in the 10 selected across the country, "Canola Princess." At the same time, Xinghua will organize Dongyue law would, driving, hundreds of tourist travel to Xing step on the line, hundreds of journalists in East China "see Xinghua," one hundred pairs of young lovers garden and a series of activities. Canola during the festival will also feature investment will be held in Taiwan, and Xinghua Xinghua investment investment environment, a number of major projects will be signed at the meeting.

▪ beautiful tourist destinations in China "by National Tourism Bureau under the guidance of Sun Media Group hosted the first time all the media focus on" destination Fascination show "to promote the integration of the project. The project through TV, internet media, print media, mobile phone , radio and other media means the whole, combined with high-profile speech in local culture, integrate a flood of celebrities resources together for the "Tourism Industry" provides a full range of brand packaging and promotional services. Meanwhile, the project also brings together a wide range of offshore transmission channel, and through media coverage overseas travel sites, such as interactive multimedia broadcasting to attract foreign tourists to China "beautiful destination."









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