Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Jackie Opens New Cinema

Jackie opened a new branch of the Jackie Chan Yao Lai International Theater in Shenyang City today. In addition to the opening ceremonies a charity auction was held, the proceeds of which went to the Liaoning Province Assistance Fund, specifically to assist 9 year old Wang Mei Jiao who has aplastic anaemia. It will also assist other youth who need financial help for medical treatment.

As the ceremonies drew to a close, Jackie and provincial leaders poured colored sand into a tree of hope, to sowing the seeds of hope that in the future the tree of charity will flourish, and bear fruit.



Jackie Chan: I came very hard competition

"I'm late?" This is the face of Jackie Chan's first words when the media, but instead he went on to explain: "The plane was delayed not my thing ah!" Jackie is a very smart man , the up to fire ourselves, no wonder it is the martial arts master. But yesterday the opening of the Jackie Chan comes to international cinema Sparkle Roll, Jackie Chan is confident: "I have come to be tough competitors, others the purpose is to make money to open studios, open studios and I do not for money, just to let more people into the cinema. "

One problem: Jackie This is not your first visit to Shenyang, the trip to Shenyang, the feeling is different?

Jackie Chan: Shenyang, each to have different feelings, the addition of high-rise buildings, the addition of the building, and each time has changed. Many people say, why does see you, you are so active? In fact, I do not active when you do not see, I fell asleep on the plane, got off the plane I was active.

Second problem: As Asia's charity model, this time you also participated in the rescue of leukemia to Shenyang in the girl's activities, would like to ask you to do what the power source of charity?

Jackie Chan: I really do not deserve charity model, I think charity on your side, you only help people who need help around, that is, to charity. As for power, a sense of responsibility from public figures, as you just said, relief leukemia girl thing, you do not say I forgot, I think helping others is a very happy thing. You think China has 1.3 billion people, the earth 60 million people, if 600 million people in China will help other 6 billion people, then China and the earth are so beautiful.

Problem Three: Big Brother talk about your new status quo of Chinese film making and opinion?

Jackie Chan: I just finished filming "Revolution", 5 would go to France at the end of filming "Zodiac." As for the Chinese film, as a Chinese filmmaker, I am proud, and now the world's filmmakers flew to China to discuss all thing film, which proves that China is strong. But as a member of the Directors Guild, we will talk about meeting the status of Chinese film, very robust, but still do not shoot the same type of movie as well. Like the previous Hong Kong films, zombie films fire, and suddenly there can be 800 zombie films, suddenly shot dead. Now the Chinese film, too, a film, "Kuan" is four, a film, "Xiang Yu" is four, I think that directors should take a variety of types of video viewers have more choices.

Question four: each has a Jackie Chan Jackie Chan Design Studios Room, and there you design things that are selling it?

Jackie Chan: It looks messy, but there's something really close to all my staff for the design. I remember, at the Berlin Film Festival, we will be affixed in the vehicle license plate of our own design, the results posted a lost one, where people too fond of this thing. In other countries, an auction, one drawn in 2000 U.S. dollars of people literally do not want money, I have to design down jacket, then I know my stuff so expensive, so now in my own studios for sale.

Five questions: how do you view the Awards has just ended?

Jackie Chan: You can say that I walked all the way to accompany Awards for 30 years, from a small ceremony, and now, really a very easy, I think this award will certainly received more attention in Southeast Asia Award.

Six questions: Do you think Jackie Chan Lai Yiu International Studios, where the biggest advantage?

Jackie Chan: advantage, of course, Jackie Chan's name, put it plainly, I am not doing this to make money Studios, is to do thing. Open Cinema is my dream, I hope the fans can watch a movie into the theater, rather than buying CDs at home and look into the cinema can learn a lot, as I opened this cinema, is to use the cheapest tickets price, so fans came, and now it's too expensive tickets. However, competitors will do so very hard, but there is no way.

沈阳网讯(记者 张奇玥)4月20日,国际巨星成龙“空降”沈城,为其联手耀莱集团共同打造的沈阳耀莱成龙国际影城剪彩。活动中,成龙还借机为慈善事业出力,参加了一场爱心捐助活动,用自己的爱心为东港市身患重型获得性再生障碍性贫血的9岁小女孩王美娇延续着生命的希望。







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