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Jackie and Yao Ming attend Rose Parade Float Review

Jackie and Yao Ming attended the float review yesterday (31 December 2009).
Two Chinese floats previewed before making debut on New Year's Day Rose Parade

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 31 (Xinhua) -- Two Chinese floats were previewed by judges from Pasadena Tournament of Roses Thursday before making their debut on New Year's Day at rose parade in Pasadena, California, the biggest New Year celebration on America's west coast.

The preview was highlighted by the appearances of Jackie Chan, one of the most popular film personalities in the world who has received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and Yao Ming, one of the most popular basketball players who plays for the Houston Rockets of the National Basketball Association.

ackie Chan and Yao Ming came to Los Angeles to promote the Shanghai 2010 World Expo float, which the first float is ever made to appear at the Pasadena Rose Parade in the history of the World Expo.

Yao Ming, who is still on walking sticks, told reporters besides the float that he is not sure whether he could stand on the World Expo float on the New Year's Day because of his injury, but he was excited to be here to promote the Shanghai World Expo float and hoped that the Shanghai World Expo float would attract more Americans to the expo.

Jackie Chan seemed very active during the preview. He actually played the role as a director to direct performers at the float to draw more attention of the judges to their float.

He said he hoped that the American people would like the World Expo float and the Chinese culture. He also wished that the world would be more peaceful and harmonious in the New Year.

While the judges were previewing the float, 135 performers, most of them children, performed Chinese dances. Several groups of children were on roller skates carrying banners of the Shanghai World Expo.

The float, sponsored by the local Chinese community in Southern California, features the theme of the Expo, Chinese traditions and hallmarks of a modern Shanghai.

It displays the logo and mascot of the Expo, lots of red color, treasured by Chinese because of its symbolic value, and modern landmark buildings in Shanghai.

The 16.8-meter-long, 5.5-meter-wide and 13.7-meter-high float has been built with 350,000 dollars donated by the local Chinese community. It is festooned with over 100,000 fresh flowers.

The 121st Pasadena Rose Parade, with its theme of "A Cut above the Rest," is expected to draw more than one million visitors to Pasadena with its exquisite formations and entertaining displays. Live TV coverage of the parade will make it possible for people in more than 40 countries to watch the event.

English letters of the theme of the Shanghai Expo of "Better City, Better Life" have been placed at the front of the float to promote the expo.

Zhang Yun, Chinese Consul General in Los Angeles, told Xinhua that he was surprised to see the float which is so beautiful, so attractive.

He said he is confident that the float will help Americans better understand the Shanghai Expo and the City of Shanghai. It will also help the American people to better understand the Chinese culture.

Zhang said the performances by the Chinese children are also excellent which will show the rich and colorful culture of China .

The Shanghai World Expo will be held from May through October in 2010, with a total of more than 70 million people, half of them foreigners, expected to attend.

Zhang said the float will definitely attract more Americans to the expo.

Besides the Shanghai World Expo float, there is another float from China to feature the Rose Parade. "Dance with the Terra Cotta Warriors" is a float co-sponsored by Shanxi Province and Phoenix Satellite TV in North America.

It is the first time in the 121-year history of the Pasadena Rose Parade with two Chinese floats.

The Shanxi float features the Terra Cotta Warriors, the pagoda and pavilion to demonstrate the culture of Xi'an. Over 50 dancers from Xi'an came to perform ancient Chinese dances during the two-hour parade along the float.

A total of 40 floats will participate in the New Year's Day parade, all decorated with fresh flowers. It is the second time China-themed floats will participate in the parade.

A float dedicated to the celebration of the Beijing Olympics took part in the parade on January 1, 2008, making it the first time for a China-themed float to be featured in the New Year Rose Parade pageant.

Source: Xinhua

LONDON correspondent Chen Xudong December 31 Los Angeles reported that: The United States will soon be New Year's Tournament of Roses Parade has just completed the Shanghai World Expo float for the first time this morning rehearsals, and accept the United States Pasadena Tournament of Roses Committee on Accreditation. Shanghai World Expo Ambassador Yao Ming, Jackie Chan came to the scene early, in order to assess floats "pull votes."

Topics: Shanghai World Expo will be launched in the United States the largest overseas promotion activities in

Yao Ming Zhu Shui to promote the World Expo

Unhealed foot injury, Yao was leaning on crutches came to float the scene. For this parade yesterday, said he had just sat for 12-hour flight from Shanghai non-stop Los Angeles. "I came here in Los Angeles, is aimed at the Expo parade, no other arrangements." Talking about the impression on the floats, Yao praise to say that "a city and moved to a car, simple and refined."

Field staff to find a chair, let Yao Ming sat resting. However, when the float is necessary to adjudicators when Yao insisted stood up. These members are actually members of the public on behalf of Pasadena, who identified a Yao Ming, fighting over who gets approached, and his photo. See this scene, one side of the overseas Chinese pleased to say, "Our World Expo floats are Yao Ming, This is really better than others can not."

Jackie Chan's on-site guest director

With mobility compared with Yao Ming and Jackie Chan is not so law-abiding brother had. Photographers have protested, "Jackie Chan Big Brother, do not walk around啦, let's look at making it." Chan playfully said, "No, I better look good under the floats." Reporter shouted, "Jackie Chan Big Brother What do you think floats all right? "Chan said with a smile," I am looking at, but also look at it is not enough. "rise to the site a wonderful answer to laughter.

Yao Ming and Jackie Chan have come, once the journalists, fans crowded in. To see this situation, Jackie Chan flew jump the car, shouting "Please do not squeeze, stand back, we are all Chinese, we should cherish our floats ... ..."

After listening to Jackie Chan's words, rifles sprinter who have moved back order at the scene quickly restored.

Jackie Chan, who is a restless moment. To see the scene of small sea treasure so cute, he could not help but tweak the face, that nose Jiu Jiu. In order to assess left a good impression, Jackie Chan has also played a temporary guest living director, "when everyone applauded, and when to stop, have look at my gestures, okay?"

Jackie Chan is the last night flew from Shanghai to Los Angeles, and today they got a busy morning. After the accreditation activities, Chan rushed the car, ready to break back to the hotel. Chasing all the way to see his interview with foreign media, he was quickly out of the car again, once again played to promote the Shanghai World Expo: "Expo is another event after the Olympic Games, I hope that everyone concerned about the Expo, go look at Shanghai World Expo."

Author: Chen Xudong


Chinese NBA star Yao Ming and Hong Kong movie star Jackie Chan arrived at the scene for the Shanghai World Expo will be a float to help out.

The photo shows Jackie Chan on-site guest director, conductor floats actor.

Hong Kong movie star Jackie Chan on board a float for the Shanghai World Expo will be refueling.

Yao said he wanted to on the floats, but the foot injury healed, on the whole difficult to float and adhere to tomorrow parade, whether they can successfully boarded the truck can not be determined.

Hundreds of students from Shanghai in the composition of the "small sea treasure" skating team and dance team float around the dress rehearsal.


Shaanxi Provincial Song and Dance Theater, the actors are spent near the vehicle to conduct rehearsals.

Shaanxi Provincial Song and Dance Theater, the actors are spent near the vehicle to conduct rehearsals.

The parade this morning was the last dress rehearsal before the last one hundred well-informed journalists and the local audience of around 7 o'clock arrived at the rehearsal on the scene. Yao arrived? Jackie Chan come? Everyone was asking, but no one could give an accurate answer.

Around 9 o'clock, when a van into the rehearsal space, a tall figure appeared in the crowd when everyone can not help calling the sentence: "Yao Ming come!" According to organizers of the design, Yao will board a float to pay tribute to the audience . But the float height of more than one meter, Yao foot healed, leaning on crutches, unable to set foot on. Float factory workers produced a flash of inspiration, from the shop to open to a forklift truck, hoping to shovel up the floats will be Yao Ming. Yao Shou Zhu helpless crutches can not even shovel board, eventually boarded the float the idea of Yao Ming had to give up.

We deliberated on how to get him on board floats a time when Jackie Chan appears in the float side. The crowd had just settled down once again boiling over. Cameras, cameras have to surround Yao Ming and Jackie Chan side floats rehearsal suddenly blocked the road was packed.

Today, in addition floats rehearsal, there is an important task - to participate in Pasadena parade floats for all 42 selected will be accepted. The judges went to 10 points, but the audience is still around Yao Ming and Jackie Chan photo, even though the staff all along persuaded everyone to stand outside the security line, but the enthusiasm of people a long time reluctant to leave.

At this time, Jackie Chan jumped onto the floats, while for back posture with both hands while the crowd shouted: "Please back that if the rebate, our selection will lose!" Reasonable audience suddenly quiet down, one after another retreated after a security line. Because we share a common hope: to show the world the best of Shanghai World Expo!

As a basketball player Yao Ming helpless foot injury, could only sit quietly spent near the vehicle, to pay tribute to the actors and the audience smile, just like a coach. Jackie Chan is already over fifty to the children, around the floats looked around in the float rehearsal scene, Jackie Chan moment is not busy - or make faces tight little funny actors happy, or give to the photographer cardboard shade, or is to lead the audience cheered. Suddenly, he himself said one: "Here is quite like Studios Oh!" Amused everyone laughed.



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