Friday, January 1, 2010

3 500 Donated to Chen Long Village School

I first became aware of this because the village coincidentally has the same name as Jackie in Chinese and posted about it HERE and HERE

Now the news has surfaced that in 3 months Nanhua University students collected 3 500 - 1 500 more than the projected 2 000 - books for the Chen Long Village in Yunlin County, Taiwan.

A presentation ceremony was held yesterday to hand over the books to the very appreciative children.

〔Reporter Liao Shuling / lake reported〕 "a book I love," Jackie Chan, South China University student was informed that the lake less than primary school books, using nearly 3 months to the Yunlin-Chiayi had raised throughout the book, were fully subscribed 3500 book, than the school the original 2000 collection has a lot more, 30 students of all book donations to school and to assist in layout of the library, so that children treasured school students are encouraged to ride the broad scholarly world.

Located in the remote coast of Yunlin County junior Jackie Chan, due to lack of funds library resources are very scarce, the South China University of Communication students of pure chance that the predicament, the initiative had raised for the school books, yesterday, and the community donated the 3500 book Jackie Chan Elementary served to enrich the school library, also hope to enrich the children's childhood.

Full House to see the book, many sets of new book, Jackie Chan Primary School was highly valued, the entire campus is more a love of books, the South China University students had raised during the book made into a documentary, received a warm response from the entire school, each child is also have to write thank you card, thanks from the community of love.

Sponsor Chen Qiao Ying said that they learned that in October this year, Jackie Chan Elementary School library, the reading room empty, the children receive no health-readable, initiated the "one book I love," the book had raised the activities of less than 3 months successfully raised around 3500 books, and more Chiayi Mayor Huang Minhui, but also mentioning the word to encourage children to keep good faith that the good things, good books, optimistic book, Yunlin County Magistrate Su Chih-fen sent 40 books, play attract valuable comments feature.

Children playing recorder thanks

Yesterday the school held the opening ceremony, the entire library hung Chan elementary children thank you card, Jackie Chan elementary school principal XU Hong-man as well as representing thank Nanhua University students love and enthusiasm for the book donations enterprises and people's incredible efforts to give the children expand the horizons of life, the children are performing exciting recorder playing, expressing gratitude to.



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