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Rose Parade

As you all know by now Jackie took part in the Rose Parade in Pasadena, California on New Years Day. In the end Yao Ming did not ride on the float during the parade due to his foot injury.

Here is a selection of reports, pictures etc about the parade.


Shanghai World Expo / Roundtable of Southern California

FLOAT THEME: Better City, Better Life

"Better City, Better Life" has been selected as the theme of Expo 2010 Shanghai China to be held from May 1 - October 31, 2010. Expo 2010 Shanghai China will be a great event to explore the full potential of urban life in the 21st century and a significant period in urban evolution. Fifty-five percent of the world population is expected to live in cities by the year 2010. The prospect of future urban life is a subject of global interest, concerns all nations, developed or less developed, and their people. Being the first World Exposition with the theme of "city", Exposition 2010 will attract governments and people from across the world, focusing on the theme "Better City, Better Life."

Expo 2010 Shanghai China will be "A Cut Above the Rest". Its theme, "Better City, Better Life" focuses on being the first World Exposition with the theme of city and an environmentally friendly space for people living within city boundaries. Exposition 2010 will attract over 70 million people from across the world and the United Nations Environment Program has praised Shanghai’s efforts in organizing an environmentally friendly World Expo. Expo 2010 Shanghai China will center on innovation and interaction. Innovation is the soul, while cultural interaction is an important mission of the World Expositions. In the new era, Expo 2010 Shanghai China will contribute to human-centered development, scientific and technological innovation, cultural diversity and win-win cooperation for a better future, thus composing a melody with the key notes of highlighting innovation and interaction in the new century.

Being the first World Exposition based on the theme of “city”, Exposition 2010 will attract governments and people from across the world, focusing on the theme "Better City, Better Life." During its 184 days, participants will display urban civilization to the full extent, exchange their experiences of urban development, disseminate advanced notions on cities and explore new approaches to human habitat, lifestyle and working conditions in the new century. They will learn how to create an eco-friendly society and maintain the sustainable development for all human beings.

FLOAT BUILDER: Fiesta Parade Floats

Height: 36 Feet
Width: 18 Feet
Length: 55 Feet

With the combining of tradition, pageantry, color and superb artistry, the Roundtable of Southern California honors the future in celebrating Expo 2010 Shanghai China. The float serves as a reminder to Shanghai’s ongoing preservation, respect and care for the environment and its rich cultural heritage as over 70 million visitors from around the world descend upon Expo 2010 Shanghai China from May 1 to October 31. At the front of the float is a replica of Haibao, the blue mascot of Expo 2010 Shanghai China. Haibao’s shape is created from a Chinese character meaning “people” and embodies the character of the Chinese culture. The inspiration for this dramatic float is based upon the historical and famous skyline of Shanghai and Expo 2010.

At the center of the float is a reproduction of the China Pavilion, the most recognized of all the buildings being built for the Expo. At the rear of the float are replicas of Shanghai’s world-renowned architectural buildings along the Huangpu River. The most photographed building in Shanghai is the famous Oriental Pearl Tower that soars high over the float, which is flanked by the Shanghai World Financial Center building and the Jin Mao Towers. Colorful fireworks (imported from China) burst from the tops of the buildings creating a festive atmosphere. Flanking the float are dozens of dancers, musicians and acrobats, dressed in authentic costuming, adding entertainment to this historical and colorful spectacle.

FLOWERING: The replica of Haibao, the mascot of Expo 2010 Shanghai China, has been created in florets of blue sinuata statice with accents of white sweet rice and glossy black onion seed. The China Pavilion, with walls of bright red carnations and windows petaled in lunaria, is surrounded by sculptured rose gardens in florescent orange, vivid yellow, and vibrate red. Over 50,000 roses complete the gardens. The buildings at the rear of the float have been created in lettuce, onion and poppy seeds, and sweet rice with accents of lunaria, seaweed and silverleaf protea petals. Clusters of oversized ocean waves have been designed with blue iris with white sprays of phalaenopsis, cattleya and dendrobium orchids frame the float and serves as a reminder that Shanghai is one of the world’s most modern seaports.

Source: KTLA.COM


Local 2010 New Year's Day morning, the 121st session of the United States Pasadena Tournament of Roses parade was held. Shanghai World Expo site will be floats by the enthusiasm of hundreds of thousands of spectators cheered, Shanghai primary school students skating performances and international film star Jackie Chan to help out making the day of the Expo Parade float as a major bright spot. China news agency Fa Zhang Wei Photo

China news agency, Pasadena, January 1 (Reporter Zhang Wei) - New Year's New Year's Day, 121st session of the United States Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, California, was held. To help out by an international movie star Jackie Chan in Shanghai World Expo to become this year's parade float of a beautiful landscape.

When in 2010 the first ray of dawn light, a small town Pasadena, California, when the eight-kilometer-long Orange Avenue and Colorado Boulevard on both sides of forest has been drawing huge crowds, tens of thousands of spectators are eagerly looking forward to the world's most famous New Year's parades.

Tournament of Roses Parade this year's theme is "outstanding" (A Cut Above the Rest), a total of 92 sub-branches into the team, which includes 42 different forms of the Tournament of Roses, more than 20 bands and more than 20 square Knight Fang team. Although each floats of various shapes, but without exception, by the tens of thousands of roses and plant decoration, the production costs of each float of up to several hundred thousand dollars.

8:00, a grand parade officially begun. Gift guide this year's parade officials is to create a "Hudson miracle," "heroic captain," Sanchez Resa Shellenberger, last year January 15, Salunboge will suffer aircraft successfully landed in Kazakhstan, New York De Xun River, saving more than 150 passengers and crew members.

Shanghai World Expo will be a float 74th month off, it floats in front of dozens of Shanghai primary school students by posing as a "green angel" who walked the road roller constantly changing formation. When the float into the audience view the Expo, the auditorium on the commotion, the audience broke out amid the screams of: "Jackie Chan! Jackie Chan!" Image ambassador Jackie Chan, the Shanghai World Expo will be spent sitting in the car kept waving to the crowd. With the float of the road, along the road constantly broke out of the audience bursts of cheers.

Expo Expo floats mainly shows the symbol of China Pavilion, the mascot "Hai Bao" and on behalf of Shanghai's Oriental Pearl Tower in modern style building. Originally planned by the NBA star Yao Ming and Jackie Chan and other Chinese guests on board with the floats, the world's tourists are invited to 2010 Shanghai World Expo, but in the end because of Yao's foot injury could not ride the floats, Yao choose between a live television for the World Expo to help refuel array.

In the current session of the parade, the Expo is not the only Chinese floats floats. Shaanxi Provincial launch of the "Dancing with the Terracotta Warriors," the float is full of classical Chinese cultural elements, also won the audience's applause. Float lifelike terracotta figures from the Terracotta Army, soldiers, carriages, Chinese pavilion, Big Wild Goose Pagoda etc., floats up and down, Shaanxi Song and Dance Theater of professional actors singing and dancing, reproduction, "Tang dynasty." After Rose Parade Committee's review, Terra Cotta Warriors floats won the "Best Director Award."

Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade has a hundred and twenty years of history, has become the nation's one of the most important New Year's celebrations, with the New York Times Square New Year countdown to par. Annually attracts hundreds of thousands of spectators along the street to watch more global appreciation of hundreds of millions of viewers through TV live grand occasion. The year before last New Year's Day, the Beijing Olympic float on behalf of China for the first time took part in the Rose Parade.

Feature: China-themed floats add panache to U.S. New Year Parade

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 1 (Xinhua) -- Two China-themed floats were part of this year's Rose Parade in Pasadena, California, bringing the rich and colorful Chinese culture to 1 million American viewers on Friday.

This is the first time that two China-themed floats have appeared together in the Rose Parade's 121-year history.

The Shanghai World Expo float themed "Better City, Better Life" attracted spectators along the 5.5-mile parade route. World-famous movie star Jackie Chan waved and wished the spectators "Happy New Year," flashing his endearingly funny Jackie-style smile.

With groups of children roller-skating back and forth on the float and other performers donning the costumes of different Chinese nationalities, the Shanghai World Expo float has left a deep impression on American spectators.

"It is marvelous. It is so beautiful. I love those children, I wish I could visit Shanghai again," Bernadete Lucier gushed. Lucier came from Santa Monica to watch the parade.

Lucier told Xinhua she once visited Shanghai several years ago, and that the Shanghai float has brought back her memories of Shanghai.

"Dance with the Terra Cotta Warriors" is the second China-themed float at the Rose Parade. Co-sponsored by Phoenix Satellite TV and Shaanxi Province, the float features the world-famous Terra Cotta Warriors.

With Terra Cotta Warriors at the front of the float, a Chinese-style pagoda in the rear, and a beautiful pavilion in the middle, the float demonstrated the 5,000-year history of Chinese culture.

Along with the float came several dozen of dancers dressed in ancient Tang dynasty costumes. The Terra Cotta Warriors, the pagoda and the exotic beauties dancing to the beat of Chinese music formed a vivid picture of ancient China.

The float won the Directors' Award of the 2010 Rose Parade for its outstanding artistic merit in designing and floral presentation.

The first China-themed float was dedicated to the celebration of the Beijing Olympics on Jan. 1, 2008. It is the second time the Chinese brought their themed floats to the parade.

Besides the Shanghai Expo and Warriors floats, China Airlines from Taiwan has also entered its float in the parade. Themed "Taiwan's Guardian -- The Third Prince," the float focuses on the image of The Third Prince, a legendary Chinese figure. Before the Third Prince lies a sea dragon, decorated with flowers and dried fruit, which was tamed by the prince in the legend.

The float from Taiwan won the International Award for the most beautiful entry from outside the continental United States.

This year's Rose Parade is themed "A Cut Above the Rest," and famed U.S. Airways pilot Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger presided as grand marshal.

Sullenberger III rode down Colorado Boulevard in a vintage 1928 Pierce Arrow with his wife, Lorrie, and two daughters as part of the annual armada of flower-draped floats, marching bands and prancing horses.

Tournament of Roses officials said it was an easy choice to have Sullenberger serve as the parade's grand marshal.

Sullenberger, 58, became a national hero when he successfully landed a disabled commercial airliner in New York's Hudson River on Jan. 15, 2009.

"Captain Sully saved the lives of 155 people and is an excellent example of the everyday American hero," Jeffrey Throop, acting president of the Tournament of Roses, said at the time Sullenberger was chosen.

Sullenberger said he did not hesitate when asked to serve as grand marshal because his family has watched the parade when he was growing up in Texas.

For the first time, the parade is featuring an all-blind marching band. Created in 2005, the 31-member Ohio State School for the Blind Marching Band is believed to be the only all-blind marching band in the United States.

This year's parade includes 41 floats, 21 marching bands and 23 equestrian units from around the world. The parade passed before about 1 million spectators, many of whom camped out overnight in hopes of securing prime viewing positions for one of the world's most famous parades.

People in over 40 countries could watch the parade through live TV broadcast.

Following the Rose Parade, the 96th Rose Bowl Game presented by Citi will feature the No. 8 BCS-ranked Ohio State Buckeyes versus the No. 7 BCS-ranked Oregon.



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