Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sheet music to Various Songs

I found the sheet music (Chinese Notation) with guitar chords above for Stand Up today.

Right click and save this LINK for the full size image file.

More Music:

The Myth: Jackie Chan, Kim Hee Seung: Piano; Guitar

Sincere Hero: Jackie Chan, Jonathon Lee, Anthony Wong: Guitar, Piano

Shengsi Buli: Chinese Music Notation

Guo Jia: Jackie Chan, Liu Yuanyuan: Piano; guitar; Chinese Music Notation with Lyrics

Youth Are Strong: Chinese Music Notation

Drunken Master Theme: Guitar

Out of Control: Jackie Chan, Mavis Fan: Piano

For music only available in Chinese Music Notation THIS website will help you transcribe into western musical notation or you can download THIS freeware transcriber/printer/midi player


Victor Andres said...

Cool... Xie xie for uploading this... but unfortunately some links don't work... I would like to have all the music sheets of Cheng Long music.

Kind regards from Peru, Land of The Incas

Anonymous said...

Thanks for telling me about the links - some how the 'http' part got left off them when I posted them - they work now! SORRY!

If you type 成龙 into the search box at the top of the page on the sheet music website you can check for yourself if more songs have been uploaded or not. So far that is the only site I have found that has sheet music for Jackie's songs.

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