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Roller Skating Angels Make the Front Page of the LA Times

Of all the wonderful floats, sights and moments during a memorable Rose Day parade it was the roller skating school children from Shanghai that made the front page news of the LA times

Source: Xinhua

This is some of the background story to the children:
In section 121 th Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade, on 36 children from Shanghai, has created a record: skating dance through the whole parade. Their performances became highlights of the Shanghai World Expo, one of Rose.
In the parade on the way, we saw that these children foot skates, and changing the line and dance in formation to guide behind the floats slowly forward. Along with music and dance to their sometimes light, sometimes lively, warm winter sunshine in California map, those wearing "Sea Blue" dress kids like the sea wizard. To accompany the children enjoy dance, is the cheers of the gallery go hand in hand. Some viewers even to lift these children self-rating board, structured "10" followed by distinct also with a "+."
Perhaps only for themselves and their teachers, Hu Yun-ki know that such performances were perfect score is how to complete. After the New Year's Day parade, Hu told reporters teacher talk in the story behind them. Topic is the unexpected from this parade began --
Pasadena float parade from the floats, Cleveland square, staggered band formed, behind these children and their float in front of the Expo is a knight square. "Did not expect with a group of horse back," Ms. Hu said, "all the way horse manure is affected foot skate kids." But they were skillfully avoided, Hu told the teacher side, side can not help but praise from her the children: "skating dance requires more than just technology but also wisdom."
9 km of the parade route for a group of only 10-year-old children is long. They need to use two hours to complete this process - not two hours stroll, but 2 hours without idle time to dance. Because the roads completely closed, cruise on the way the kids can not leave the truck travel routes, that is, they can not drink half-way, can not go to the toilet. Hu Yun-chi does not hide the teacher's love for these children, she said that these children are angels of the Expo. These sensible little angel is often only touched her heart ache again. These "90," so that even after the child's strong 2000 and toughness may be beyond the imagination of most adults.
Gu Yue, 12-year-old girl, the Expo parade ranks as one of the young performers. When a reporter at the Pasadena saw her, her gauze around his left wrist. She told reporters that part in a parade in the United States two days before the rehearsal on the playground before school, she accidentally fell down, and go to the hospital examination revealed fracture of his left hand. A reporter asked her why she was injured but also to the United States, the little girl laughed lightly: "Well because it's fun!"
FENG Qiu-Qi, 13-year-old, this is not the General Assembly six months ago, ice-skating girl, and now stood in the center stage. Ms. Hu told reporters that a small selection of the Expo parade performers will be a prerequisite for skating. FENG Qiu-Qi was not initially considered candidates. But one day, the teacher suddenly found that every day after school, there is a small figure skating practice alone on the playground until dark. The child is the FENG Qiu-Qi. FENG Qiu-Qi said that since the parade know something, her skates on and school bags, "inseparable." Take it to school every day, between classes and training; every day after school with it, and go home to practice. Ice-skating accounting for nearly all her spare time. "Now I can not lag behind the." The girl said, very humble.
No wonder with their teacher said Hu in daily life: These children are the best messenger of the Expo.


Jackie and Yao Ming extend warm Expo Welcome:
International online news (Xinhua WANG Shan-shan): Yao Ming and Jackie Chan, the world's two most famous Chinese star as the 2010 Shanghai World Expo will ambassador for the past few days both appeared in Los Angeles for the World Expo promotion activities to help out. 2 Ambassador Local January 2 said that the promotion of the highlight of the Expo Pasadena debut float a success and believe that in the coming months, the Expo will attract more and more the United States and the world concerns, and they would do their best.

Yao Ming and Jackie Chan in the 2010 New Year's Eve has arrived in Los Angeles suburb of Pasadena to participate in the Shanghai World Expo will be a series of promotion activities, the heavy head that is January 1 to participate in the annual Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade. Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade and the New York Times Square is a "crystal ball countdown", Las Vegas Fireworks New Year's celebrations par, one of the three major U.S. is the world's Parade, one of the most influential. The Parade has so far attracted more than 150 countries and regions to participate, and last year more than 210 countries in 20 languages broadcast, of which nearly 80 countries live television, watch the live audience over 400 million people. In this year's parade, the local overseas Chinese donated a Shanghai World Expo is a major highlight of the float. Yao Ming had just finished surgery on his foot due to difficulties in the upper and lower truck was unable to attend parades and Jackie Chan took the car to become a leading figure, his presence sparked the crowd cheers.

Shanghai World Expo, more than 40 floats from the float stand out, and in the next day boarded the well-known U.S. media, "Los Angeles Times" front page, which Yao Ming and Jackie Chan are all very happy. Jackie Chan says that all efforts have been recognized.

Chan said: "Today, the efforts of all of us to become a front-page, how many teams the number of floats! And we are front page."

Yao said that the purpose of promotion achieved.

Yao Ming said: "We first float very attractive, while kids were very involved performances, attracting everyone's attention. We've been here so everyone's concern to us, and we should say that the goal has been reached."

January 2, the Shanghai World Expo will introduce will be held in Pasadena, a foot injury healed crutches leaning on Yao Ming arrived at the scene. The two ambassadors said that Expo's image promotion activities getting better, but there are a lot of work to do.



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