Monday, January 4, 2010

The Myth TV series - UPDATED

A Youtube user is slowly uploading The Myth TV series. As there are now 6 episodes uploaded with between 4 and 5 parts per episode I am just going to post the link to the channel for you.


There are a total of 50 episodes in all so much to look forward to. I must say the series looks absolutely incredibly well made and appears (from what I have seen) to add the wealth of detail I found missing from the film. Now all we need is some one to write the tie-in book ... translate it to English ... and .....LOL.

Anyway there is THIS report and short video on CCTV English about the release of the TV Series.


Anonymous said...

I've finished watching The Myth drama twice. Kudos to Jackie Chan for producing such a fine drama. Hope they'll be more from him soon. Totally enjoyed most of the drama altho I think they should hv built up more on the budding romance btw X.Chuan and Y.Shu. It was just too sudden, hence making it hard to sympathise for the two of them. I think many of us also expected the fighting scenes to be better choreographed and filmed esp since Jackie has a hand in it. I also enjoyed the ancient times more than the modern. I loved, loved, loved the historical aspects of the drama and so did many of my friends - china history had never been easier to understand and entertaining. Hu Ge rocks - we see different facets of him and he was totally believable in every one of them, never overpowering and always in character. Definately an actor to watch. Excellent choice by Jackie. Hope to see more quality dramas fm Jackie soon.

Anonymous said...

I have to confess that I haven't watched the series yet. Interesting hearing what you had to say. It does look really good from the small bits I have seen. There were so many things in The Myth movie that felt too quick - if you know what I mean - and I believe from things Jackie has said that they have really filled in the blanks with the TV series.

You have the new series Jackie and Stanley Tong are doing to look forward to and if Jackie gets a decent script/director/offer for some of his other movies we can look forward to seeing those made into TV series as well. I believe Jackie mentioned Police Story and Project A as movies he was particularly interested in remaking as TV series.

Anonymous said...

What's the title of this new series from Jackie and Stanley Tong? Will definately look forward to it. Project A as a series sounds interesting.

I agree with the earlier poster. China history had never been more enjoyable. Kudos to Jackie for having the foresight to expand on the movie, The Myth. Also agree that more attention needs to be placed on the fighting scenes.

I heard that The Myth had fantastic ratings in China. There's talk that there will be a Myth 2 to be filmed and released next year. Can anyone confirm this? If it's so, I hope they will keep the same main cast ie Xiao Chuan, Zhao Gao, Da Chuan and Gao Lan (she needs a new stylist tho) because I think they acted really well and will provide continouity to the orig series. The rest of the cast were just as great.

Anonymous said...

Although I haven't finished watching all the episodes of The Myth (still waiting for english subtitles for some), I must express my surprise by how entertaining it is turning out to be. It's my first time watching an ancient China drama since many, many years ago. I'm kind of amazed China can produce a quality historical drama without it turning out overly serious and draggy.
I must thank Jackie Chan for his involvement because if not for him, I would never have given this drama a chance.

Anonymous said...

The new series - I am not sure of the proper English Title but it's 《精忠岳元帅》in Chinese. It's about a well known person (a General) in Chinese History who died at age 30 but did something to make himself famous LOL. If you can fill in the blanks I would appreciate it.

If you have heard there will be a Myth 2 you are ahead of me. I am sure it is a possibility if the ratings/returns on Myth 1 were good.

I guess Jackie is determined to make Chinese history interesting LOL. But it's a good thing right? It's mportant to know the history of your country.

I would just love it though if these series would be released on DVD with sub-titles. I am 100% certain that there are many fans around the world who would love to have/see it.

Anonymous said...

Where did you find a version with English subs?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

English subs for The Myth can be found at ****. Just goto China dramas and you'll see it.

Can't read Chinese and not from China. I too wish all dvds come with eng subs. Luckily this time, the hype for this show was great - drama version of Jackie's The Myth and according to my chinese friends, the main actor Hu Ge is like the most popular actor in China right now. Hence, lots of interest even outside China so lots of requests for eng subs. The people at *** are wonderfully generous with their time.

I can't make out the title of the new series. However, if I hear news of a General who died in his 30s and did something to make himself famous, I'll think of you, lol.


I posted this comment anyway but removed the website links as they did not go to a legitimate site.

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