Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Myth TV series has record opening

The Myth TV series is off to a very good start with 11.8 million viewers recorded in 3 days. 4.1 million viewers watched the HD version.
Beijing January 4, 2010 / Xinhua-PRNewswire Asia / - January 2, open the Great drama "myth" finally in the long-awaited debut, the play adaptation of freedom of the same name starring Jackie Chan and Kim Hee-sun movie, set through, fighting, love, comedy and many other elements in the one, because popular idol star Hu Ge and Bai Bing Starring which has drawn greater attention. Potato nets as an exclusive premiere "myth" of the video site for the massive numbers of visitors to show the drama exciting the first time, setting a stunning viewing volume, just less than three days, only the amount of high-definition version of the nearest 4.1 million players.

- Through the innocent people justified Ray

"Crossing" has been a popular theme of the novel for several years, but on the scale of the earliest and largest theme through drama, "The Myth" is absolutely second to none. The drama is inspired from the movie version of the original story has been greatly extended and joined Liu Bang, Xiang Yu uprising to overthrow the Qin Dynasty, paragraphs and so on. Part-time broadcast of the opening date in the modern, from the role of language to mine who are quite close-up lens, until the costume stage the right track, thought-provoking drama officially opened the crossing.

Relations in the character of the most refreshing is that Hu Ge as compared with the Jackie Chan film version is much more complicated, and one sub-decorated triangle, including twin brothers bookworm Okawa and trivial Ogawa, and Ogawa, Bian Shen across the back to the ancient Mongolian Yi general. In addition to trio status so that Hu Ge feeling "splitting", the emotional drama am also quite make the male lead, "a terrible fix," the film version of Jackie Chan's only love yu □ Princess 1, while the TV version of Hu Ge is with as many as five Women are emotional entanglement, which is the first actress from "Little Kim Hee-sun," said IQ beauty Baibing play, the new generation Chen Chi letter actress is who plays in the Meng Yi and Liu Bang constant struggle between the complexity of the female on the 2nd ... tangled story in the latest broadcast of the opening of several focus has been in sight for supporting actress Susu ending speculation it set off in the User first round of discussions between the high tide.

- "Myth" was crowned, or a super-popular "small flat"

CCTV Lunar New Year As the opening years of drama, "myth" of the broadcast channel has been of broad interest, the potatoes, won the play's premiere network + broadcast rights alone, facing the 300 million Internet users a grand air, not to net friends Tut is crazy pursuit of the tongue, January 2 episode on-line only one hour stop to comment on 1351. To facilitate the User to view, potatoes, this special area is divided into "high-definition version", "smooth version", "black beans Edition" three versions of the same time play, only three days, on-demand volume of 11.8 million on the ultra-hot potato before the proposed degree of network hit the "small flat" Nanfenbozhong.

Hu Ge as a super-popular idol, starring in several episodes in recent years have especially strong response, Starring by him prior to the "Chinese Paladin 3" and "The Eagle Shooting Heroes," are surprisingly in the potato network broadcast the performance of , the surfers and die-hard fans preview, through the potatoes to paste, digging and other communication-sharing and flexible way, several plays have a wider spread of degree.

Therefore, this "myth" of vision, early on the film set to premiere in the potatoes across the plot and various off-line post-modern jokes, are already destined to cause a sensation which is a topic of hit series, and even himself Hu Ge admits the play's "lines are mine" and, while mine were the general lines of the TV ratings are good, Sure enough. Want to continue to appreciate and participate in this trend, and now we have to do is to "ambush" in potatoes, waiting for a "myth" not seen billowing 20:20 every night.



Anonymous said...

13.12.12 When is it possible to buy this tv series on dvd with english subtitles?
Huge fan:)

Anonymous said...

I have no idea. I believe that the General Yue Fei show is going to be broadcast in the US though - first time that a Chinese historical drama will be shown in the US.

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