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Old but Interesting

Jackie Chan's commitment to donate a new box office for part of the reconstruction of Beichuan Middle School
2009-5-12 9:42:25  

The photo shows Jackie Chan, Liu Yuanyuan with teachers and students of Beichuan Middle School 10000 Qing huge flag. Piece of the flag area of 5000 square meters, weighing about 400 kilograms, is the largest Chinese national flag. (Photo source: LONDON)

According to Hong Kong, "Wen Wei Po" report, today is the 5 • 12 Wenchuan earthquake in an anniversary of the Jackie Chan of Hong Kong artists on 11 and Li Yuchun, Liu Yuanyuan, Peter Kam and other visits to Beichuan Middle School, Jackie Chan has pledged to donate new work, "Dabing Xiaojiang" part of the reconstruction at the box office Beichuan Middle School.

11, Jackie Chan, Li Yuchun, etc. coming out of Beichuan Middle School, with teachers and students together to carry out "national • love" theme of the commemoration, along with Jackie Chan and fellow students to share his insights on life: "family is the smallest country, the country is 10 million, in fact, is happy or sad, whether the state the sum that we stand together, state and family attached home with me attached, I have attached with the world. "

Last year, the Sichuan earthquake, this place was completely annihilated, and now still under construction, the schools will be completed in September next year, the school will have a large playground and the provision of psychological counseling. Jackie Chan The visit, bring along an MP3 sent to 5000 children, MP3 recorded in a number of inspirational songs, and wants the children to not give up and face life, and quite a few local kids to see Jackie Chan have shown the emergence and encouragement shouted excitedly scene was moving.

In addition, this visit is also to break a Guinness Book of Records, Jackie Chan and "state" key creative team member Liu Yuanyuan, Peter Kam, Li Yuchun, the new Seven Little Fortunes, South Korea Seung Jun and other artists to the North River School Stadium, 1000 North River with teachers and students together will be re - 400 kg, with an area of 5,000 square meters slowly started a huge national flag, Jackie Chan, also for the teachers and students sang the "National" and other songs.

In addition, Chan promised to donate "Dabing Xiaojiang" part of the reconstruction of Beichuan Middle School at the box office. Visit End of Beichuan Middle School, Jackie Chan will go to Dujiangyan to visit.


Another longer more detailed article with more photos: SINA.COM (worth reading)



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