Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Do you remember ....

So do you remember when asked for an opinion about the demonstrations surrounding the Olympic torch Jackie was quoted as saying:

Kung-fu action hero Jackie Chan has warned anyone planning to stop him carrying the Olympic Torch he will come out fighting.

Well here is Jackie answering a reporter on that quote:

A reporter asked, "If you encounter some trouble when passing the torch, would you really display your 'Kung Fu' to them?" Chan said gravely: "The Olympic torch is the message of peace and love, the Olympic Games not only belongs to China, it belongs to the world. If they were to grab the torch, I will certainly hide. I certainly would not use martial arts to deal with them. The torch is a symbol of peace. Some media said that I would use martial arts to deal with them, I never said that I would do such a thing. "


The second quote sounds much more like Jackie than the first!


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