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Dragon's Heart and Movies

If I am understanding this correctly 3 sisters from the Lisu people in Yunnan entered a singing contest hoping to use the winnings to build primary schools in their area. There were originally 6 sisters but due to a lack of funds they were only able to sent 3. It took them seven days to travel to where the competition was being held and received a lot of help along the way.

Unfortunately they were eliminated in the first round but their story has inspired a movie.

The movie will tell the story of the 3 sisters' journey to the 'big' city Chongqing, Yunnan, where the film will be made. The movie will work like a 'love-relay' with 50% of the profits and box-office returns going to support the sisters' dream of building a school. To that end the film is being made with the full support and close cooperation of Dragon's Heart Foundation.

The Lisu people (Wikipedia)are one of the 56 indigenous people in China. They live in remote mountain top villages, practising subsistence agriculture. They have a rich oral history, transmitting the history and customs of their culture through songs which can last all night when sung in full.



Lisu Ani, A cha and the Arab-toot three sisters dressed in national costumes performed, each carrying a bee drum, small step from behind the gently toward the stage, singer contest in the national spotlight singing from the Shangri-La in Yunnan Diqing the sound of Heaven ... ... This is the movie "Three Parallel Rivers sisters" will be presented by the lens, and as the film start next month in Diqing Weixi County, "the original ecological national movie trilogy of Yunnan" will also be declared to start. Prototype characters in the film Sister Ani and Yunnan, a new national film studio director, Chen 21 in Kunming, interact with Internet users around the country, said that the film works through the whole public service and love.

Yunnan Province has also been actively promoting the development of cultural industries, national theme movies have also made great progress, and the birth of a number of both full of people also adopted market-oriented elements of a successful business-to-market of the logo and slogan, where "Marie" was selected as national leaders to visit Europe gifts, was translated into the language of 13 countries spread around the world. "Diqing" in the national language and Italian as "auspicious place", the vici Diqing Lisu Autonomous County is located in the World Natural Heritage "Three Parallel Rivers" hinterland, known as "cross-sectional mountains green gems", "Orchid Hometown, "" medicine of the rural "and reputation, retention, and pass the integrity of Lisu culture. In 2006, Ani, A cha and the Arab-toot three sisters with vici Lisu elders and entrusted and dissemination of culture, love for the village to absorb the desire to build primary schools, out of the Sanjiang hinterland, to participate in singing contests, Ani interaction with the User said "At the time folks have been very helpful to us to donate the voyage. We spent seven days transfer time to the stadium, we use the original ecology of the Lisu ethnic song got cut on the spot of the first pass. In fact, we total 6 sisters, because not enough money, so only went to three. "move during the year was widely reported by China Central Television and other media, the public, and frequently praised for their combination of song named" Three Parallel Rivers sisters. "

Sanjiang sister's story is deeply infected with the film in Yunnan, infection of the capital city film-makers, as "the original ecology of Yunnan ethnic film trilogy" of producers, DENG Kai, Song Yin Xi 1 is "Marie" producer people, one of Beijing Hua Bo Long Yun Television Culture Media Co., Ltd. CEO, the trilogy's first two films Lock Lisu Sanjiang sisters true love story, highlighting the inspirational spirit, and requested a new section this year, Hua Biaojiang country as the overall champion Xiong screenwriter, director, studio Yunnan Nationalities Chen Xin, directed the film In addition to fusion beauty of Yunnan, Lisu compatriots, A Beautiful Mind, Lisu world-famous multi-voice chorus outside elements such as Aspect, will be "Loving relay "in the form of the tender offer love implanted in the film business, box office receipts in 50% of the home directly in the three sisters, and environmental protection for the student.

DENG Kai, and recently in Beijing, Song Yin Xi said that the current has not yet started shooting the film, it had already given rise to concern, is in final preparations for pre-boot phase of the film have been far beyond the influence of Yunnan. Chongqing will serve as the film's first three sisters out of the village into a metropolis of the city of the original parties to this eco-films provide many facilities, the China Film Association Vice-Chairman Jackie Chan's "Dragon Seed Heart" project Public co-operation with the film, South Korean movie star Liu Shan, China's Hong Kong's famous female film were Sylvia Chang, representative of the sixth generation of film directors are expected to Gentzen, also a charity caring for the same purpose of joining the film.

It is understood that the Lisu ethnic music will be a highlight film, he also highlights, in addition to a prototype three sisters to reproduce the wonderful acoustic songs, the key creative also by collecting folk songs have been pre-created the film's theme music and interlude, positive and Lisu fellow The Cultural Complex and love of the heart, one song to: pigeons ah / in the blue sky flying / belt is my fervent hope / my heart / always accompany you / the courage to fly far away ... ...

The three sisters now live in the vicinity full of indelible local start-up of "Lisu style garden." They carried out exchanges with the Lisu clothes at the just-concluded second session of the ethnic minorities in Yunnan dress contest winners. That they represent Weixi Lisu villagers hope the film "Sanjiang sister" of the shooting to allow more domestic and foreign friends concerned about this beautiful, warm and loving place. "Sanjiang Sisters" is scheduled to start December 20 next year, the Lunar Tanabata Festival premiere, this drama of "Love plus love", the operation mode of "business plus public interest" in new film will be held in Yunnan ethnic theme Manba public screenings, playing into South Korea and Japan and Southeast Asia.

"Sanjiang Sisters" is a revitalization of our national film industry and the Yunnan Nationalities theme created a new highlight in the film, is planning the implementation of the "Yunnan original ecological national movie trilogy" The other two will be in the "Sanjiang sisters" of the original basis of eco-inspirational on, respectively, to show "the original eco-choices" and "original eco-friendly" theme, the story material from the Mosuo people, family and other living elements Suno. (Feed)


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