Saturday, November 21, 2009

Exhibition of Wedgwood Treasures

BEIJING, November 21 marks the well-known British power in 2009 ceramic tableware Wedgwood (Wedgwood) was born 250 years. Recently, Wedgwood Shin Kong Place in Beijing organized a "Wedgwood 250 anniversary of the Beijing celebration" for the 250 anniversary of the Beijing Railway Station to kick off the exhibition treasures. Exhibition, which lasted 6, from November 19 until the end of 24. Most of the exhibition's treasures are on display for the first time in Beijing, as well as for public sale.

British Embassy on behalf of trade and investment counselor Mr. Alistair Morgan, Wedgwood eighth generation descendants Mr.Tom Wedgwood, Shanghai Light Industry International Exhibition Co., Ltd. Shin Kong heaven and earth tide, as well as the leadership of Chairman and delivered speeches respectively, Gong He Wei Wedgwood 250th anniversary of the establishment . Jackie Chan Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation, the same day, Mr. President, and film "Big Soldier" Flash MMO online games in advance before the leadership is also taking the time to come to Ho, and announced that the long-awaited "Big Soldier" Flash MMO launched on-line games.

Subsequently, Mr. Tom Wedgwood, and Jackie Chan as the activities of officiating the opening ceremony of Beijing celebration to all walks of life show Wedgwood vase 250 Anniversary Special Edition. Vases charity auction reserve price of ¥ 300 million, the auction proceeds will be donated to the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation to support youth development and development projects.

A letter for Xie Wei customers live and the Shin Kong heaven and earth, in the November 22 day of heaven and earth who shop at the Shin Kong purchases over 2,500 yuan, you can voucher day at Wedgwood small ticket counter in exchange for Sunbeam heaven and earth traditional English afternoon tea meal voucher 2 , English-style tea reception to experience British culture, share the sentiments.



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