Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Jackie Records TV Show

Jackie spent more than 3 hours today recording 'Art and Life' with host Zhu Jun asking him a host of questions including his thoughts on the issue of celebrity endorsements. Jackie discussed various aspects of his life, how he problem-solved the issue of having a red face for Drunken Master and 'revealed' his habit of clipping ideas out of books and magazines to keep to use later. Jackie also brought the New Seven Little Fortunes with him to the interview. It will air on the 2nd of December on CCTV.


Netease Entertainment Exclusive coverage (text / Xiao Wu map / Song Shuang) 11 24, Jackie Chan to bring a guest of the new Seven Little Fortunes "Art and Life" for nearly three hours in the recording process, and the audience to share their own successful experience and attitude towards life. The anchorman Zhu Jun asked the star of the recent heated endorsement issue, Chan said that as a public figure, whose words and deeds should be and responsible manner.

"When I was one day to go to Africa to see Africa's children to drunken might hit me when I realized that my original play, my demeanor will affect them, so that I slowly into the path. "Chan says he is a naughty little when the bad kids, when very young to earn a lot of money at that time, he was a no direction in life and sense of responsibility of the person, but until the day he saw the his own films beginning to affect so many people, he realized that his body has multiple responsibilities.

Tan Tao artists a sense of responsibility of this subject, Zhu Jun, will host the star of the recent highly touted endorsement throw the question upon him, and star Jackie Chan said endorsement out of this problem now, on the one hand out of state and government need to effectively manage, On the other hand stars themselves also need to pay attention to his words and deeds, in this matter need to have a sense of responsibility, "the influence of artists on the fans is great, a lot of people will follow us to do something together, you see an artist go to tattoos, and how many people will go along with tattoos, we want in our movies are broadcast advertising something responsible. "

"Until yesterday, also told me to take pictures of wine advertising, 10 years ago, I shot a lot of people looking for cigarette advertising, give me money to send me car, I do not shoot. Well, I shoot shampoo ad, I do not not only look at their various qualifications and certificates, but also the first to use more than 3 months before deciding on Can shoot the ad, I will and manufacturers make it clear, I shot the advertisements must be I really do hair look, do not do so many stunts, it's too unreal, is not cheating the audience. celebrity advertising fear most is that people give you false things, you do not know, but also helped others to do publicity, if someone looking for me to do if there is quality of the milk ads, I said on television with others, eating, and Jackie Chan, this formula can be as strong as a result, while there are 40 children had died, that's my responsibility to big, it must got me to jail . "

Consider themselves achievements come from hard work

Talked about his achievements today, Chan said that 85 percent of which, thanks to hard-working. "I did not read too many books, I can do today, actors, directors, camera, script writing, editing, and so the work is what I got bit by bit in the studio learned how to do.". Jackie Chan made special mention of his shooting the film "Drunken Master" period of time experience, "I was filming," Drunken Master ", when the director called for the process of filming the face need to be red, but painted red pigment, the He spent a sweating face, and the red pigment will be made into white clothes, so I just want to how to do, finally I thought, I bent down to head-down before the shot has been up to the face red, and then immediately began to shoot, and thus to solve this problem. "

Jackie Chan has also broke the news that he usually read books and magazines at the time, faced with good ideas and creativity, he would always put the scissors down and caught in a portable belt folder, wait for the right opportunities, he would These ideas and ideas will be reformed, with in their own films.

It is reported that this issue programs will be broadcast at 20:35 on December 2 broadcast on CCTV three.


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