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Jackie back in the recording studio...

Jackie with Lin Peng

Lin Peng; Director, Ding Sheng; Jackie; Musician, Xiao Ke

Jackie was back in the recording studio yesterday. This time to record the theme song for Big Soldier with Lin Peng.

Two versions of the as yet unnamed theme song were recorded yesterday. A duet with Jackie and Lin Peng for the movie in which feelings of homesickness and love were highlighted and a solo version in which the anti-war message of peace was emphasized.

Musician Xiao Ke (Beijing Welcomes You) said that although Jackie was not a professional singer he was really impressed when he saw him singing on TV and that the quality of his singing is of a professional standard. He further complimented Jackie saying that his interpretation of the song was very good and that he admired Jackie very much.

Ding Sheng commented that the song was written well before filming started and the whole crew would sing it but that Jackie sings it the best!

Jackie's perfectionist streak was on show yesterday as he insisted on doing 'one more' even when Xiao Ke said 'Ok'.
By Jackie Chan, Lee Hom, starring the upcoming Spring Festival, Lunar New Year release large files, "Big Soldier" movie Pianwei Qu in Beijing recently completed the recording job. Jackie Chan, Lin Peng, director Ding Sheng and musician Xiao Ke are present in the recording studio in the afternoon. It is reported that this "Big Soldier" Pianwei Qu Xiao Ke by the renowned musician and "Big Soldier" director Ding Sheng joint effort to build, by Jackie Chan himself singing with the choir is divided into solo edition version of the two versions. "First," Big Soldier "Pianwei Qu flashy pop songs will be different from the market. Among them, Chan highlighted his solo version of the anti-war side, while Jackie Chan and Lin Peng choral version of the men and women is the highlight of the homesickness , love and other ingredients. "Xiao Ke said the teacher.

Style: Warring States Period, "Campus Folk Song"

The hand, "Big Soldier", for Xiao Ke teachers can be described in terms of a "brace", that is to join hands with Jackie Chan's second time (the first was "Beijing welcomes you"), Sheng Ding is also the director of the further co-operation (the first one was the "tough guy" music). "They are not only good film, while music really understand them. Pianwei Qu lyrics is sung by me and D together with written and brother Jackie Chan is a very good interpretation of a song's content, and film concept an integral whole. In addition, Jackie Chan, though not a professional singer, but it is worth a professional singer with the quality. Once, when he performed live on television, his singing and I am very surprised by the standard. While down the units, Chan told me that he On stage was nervous, but by that, let me admire him extremely. "Xiao Ke said.

"The creation "Big Soldier" in Pianwei Qu, I tried an entirely new way, I strongly fantasies Warring States Period when music is what kind of, I think the status quo as if the Warring States Period Pianwei Qu campus ballads." Said At this point the teacher laughed Xiao Ke. By this time, sitting side by side, Ding Sheng director, said: "In fact, the theme of this song written well before the shooting, our whole crew of people would sing, but that only his brother to sing the best, ha ha."

Scene: Jackie Chan's self-deprecating jokes, "singing folk dancing hip-hop"

Although due to road traffic jams, late brother, but it has just appeared, then film the murder of countless people, a place, send the teacher on the right Xiao Ke, "Top Hat": "He is a master of." For the "Big Soldier" of the Pian Weiqu folk style, Big Brother frankly I liked it, and that has been the type to sing: "I like Zhang Yimou's" Red Sorghum, "the kind of music but this use the "Big Soldier" completed a Wish very simplicity of the local style, full of joy, it is for me to sing, because this song with me in the film very much in line with the role played by soldiers. while Lee Hom is not suitable for singing, he is a pop singer citizenship. "

In the recording process, the eldest brother of the naughty character and dedication glance, they sing the rise is even more dancing, enjoyed the "kung fu hip-hop", "This is what I sing folk dancing hip-hop." When the older brother that said, when笑翻side of the staff. When Xiao Ke teacher said ok, when older brother also insisted again, do our best.

Jie Mi: "Big Soldier" hidden triangles "Dragon Lady" unconventional performances

In addition to Pianwei Qu recording work, the scene is more Mengliao release, for example, by "seeking girls" into "dragon lady" and Lin Peng will be in the studio and revealing the feelings of the movie theater, "I'm in the movie and his brother, Lihong has mixed feelings about drama. seems to be triangles, but not all. I think that each viewer feels not the same after reading. "It is reported that the exhibition not only of its elegant Lin Peng side, more an exception performances, to let people see its hidden side. It is learned that, "Big Soldier" Pianwei Qu's name being yet, the film will be full release in mid-February.


A short video of recording can be seen HERE

Lin Peng
Xiao Ke and Lin Peng

LOS ANGELES yesterday, the recent publicity busy with new movie "Dragon Lady" Xiao Ke Lin Peng appeared in studio with Jackie Chan together in a "Little Big Soldier" movie Pianwei Qu MV parts of recording and filming the lens. The same day, is being carried out video post-production director Ding Sheng also came to the scene sympathy Jackie Chan and Lin Peng, recording gap, three video key creative and song co-producer Xiao Ke accept media interviews. Lin Peng busy film promotion, while still available for the upcoming new album, the intense preparations.

For Jackie Chan Lin Peng Xiao Ke Pian Weiqu want to go beyond creating a "myth"

Set film writers, producers, starring in a Jackie Chan on the movie "Private Game" extra input, everything hands-in the film important theme song Pianwei Qu is also the choice of not the slightest careless. After a discussion, Jackie Chan's decision to renew the "The Myth" the creation model, again with film actress singing the theme song on inviting in "Beijing welcomes you" worked in a senior music Xiao Ke Kua Dao complete lyrics of the song writing. Coincidentally, Jackie Chan, Lin Peng and Xiao Ke three time soon because the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games - Lin Peng is a dress rehearsal for the Olympic Games activities have been Jackie Chan phase, appointed for the new film starring the "Dragon Lady"; widely sung Olympic song "Beijing Welcomes You" also just contributed to Xiao Ke's first collaboration with Jackie Chan. The three co-operation, "Little Big Soldier" theme song can transcend the most widely circulated "beauty myth" and "Beijing welcomes you", is certainly worth looking forward to.

Lin Peng Song of technology available subject to pre-empt the title track, Zambia

For the first time an electric shock on the big screen featuring Jackie Chan new movie Nvyi Hao, and brother choir movie theme song, by Zhou Xun Queen's producers tailor the new album coming soon ... ... "Dragon Lady" Lin Peng's experience is always the "lucky" hook. Debut just one year, Lin Peng's schedule has been packed rows. In addition to the 2010 Lunar New Year stalls film "Little Big Soldier" propaganda, Lin Peng's first solo album is also the first to come out soon. Meetings with Zhou Xun Queen's producer Wong Siu-fung, the famous music by Xiao Ke cooperation, Lin Peng song The music technology has been recognized. The formal recording ago, Lin Peng Xiao Ke deliberately taken the time to the studio several times to conduct exercises, vocal and serious attitude by Xiao Ke's admiration.

Jackie Chan on the cultivation of new people that he personally is quite thinks highly. On Lin Peng starred in "Little Big Soldier" and the duet performance of the theme song, Chan said: "The biggest feeling that I really do not misread people, Lin Peng is an ability to comprehend and accept a stronger ability than girls, but also She was very hard to study the role, will soon be able to figure out the nature of the role, with great potential, very explosive. "



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