Monday, November 16, 2009

Chen Sisi and Jackie Chan in Taiwan

This is translated and quoted from Chen Sisi's blog about her trip to Taiwan in which she talks about Jackie's participation.

Why is Jackie Chan can be called "Big Brother"

In this my "Beautiful Road" concert in Taipei throughout the entire process, eating a lot of bitterness, but also experienced the pain, however, has been atop the things that make me have a lot of moving forward, let me contemplating, and constantly touched the depths of my heart, so nervous I was able to calm down the work of leisure, to walk alone to savor the perspective of Teli life, thousands of perspective, worth of taste. In this colorful and kept rotating kaleidoscope of years, hand in hand with Jackie Chan is the big brother I remember one particularly deep gorgeous petals.

The older brother received my phone, then flew down and agreed, in a busy work deliberately taking the time to arrive in Taipei, the plane arrived at the scene on the nonstop to communicate with me, I was very impressed. Looked at his travel-worn, and one came on the stand with me on stage ready to start rehearsals, this trend seriously awkward immediately infected with the presence of all people. I walked over to thank him softly, but, Big Brother Jackie Chan to make vigor waved, saying that he did not accept. I was Yi Leng, no response came, they saw him squeeze my eyes fierce. Big Brother simmering laugh, said: "You thank I do, you have to thank that I have the microphone, either in order to try it, I would not be so hard." And then finally could not help laughing up, naive like a child, I also understand that over time, and finally help laughing, this way, Big Brother's witty sense of humor to my mind no more than a hint of warmth to the origin of land and a close.

Some people on the stage and the audience are two entirely different people, while the brother is talking with Jackie Chan to sing the same fatally. Even before the second, said he was still there, with Akira's gestures, dancing for; Xia Yimiao music sounded, and that the vigorous deep soothing voice from the microphone inside out, he would like a big mountain, deep eyes, steady majestic magnanimity Let the scene whom everyone gasp in admiration. We are rehearsing on stage for half an hour, duet again and again, Yue Changyue inputs, Yue Changyue tacit agreement, when finally achieved the perfect fusion of once again be present when all staff had laid down their family on hand, reported to us a very warm applause. He Baoquanzuoyi, saying that hard work everyone, and hope that we can bang, stick to the end, help Chan Sisi one stroke victory.

This is the real Jackie Chan. Friendly, funny, focused, bearing extraordinary.

That night, in the concert scene, when I slowly hand in hand with him singing a song "suddenly Dream", I have to wonder whether, this at a very high, and everyone watched as the position can also As usual modest, comfortable with people, we respect what basis are not from the heart, called him out "Big Brother" mean? !"

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