Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Talk about surreal...

so what are the chances of this ...

The second half of our trip on the bus became somewhat of a surreal experience… As soon as the bus had fired up the engine and roared off down the highway (road from Phnom Phen to Shianoukville is a very good road surprisingly) on came the TV and we found our self watching a 90’s Jackie Chan film dubbed into Khmer with English subtitles. The opening scene displayed the word “Melbourne” and we both had an “oh shit, no way” moment as we realised the film we were watching was not only filmed entirely in Melbourne. But when they filmed the movie Jackie Chan had stayed at Darling Towers our former work/home. We ended up watching the whole movie, shouting out locations as we recognised them and had a truly strange experience thinking about the coincidence of it all while we rolled into the beachside town of Shianoukville…


Now how surreal can that get - two Australian ladies backpacking Cambodia are there AT THE SAME time as Jackie is, and watch a dubbed Jackie Chan movie (Mr Nice Guy) on the bus which was filmed entirely in their home town of Melbourne. Sometimes real life is stranger than fiction.


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