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Jackie Chan Albert Yeung Charitable Foundation

I don't know how many of you know about this charity. I have known about it for a while and because it was in the news this morning I decided to dig up some history for you.

Firstly it was in the news this morning because the Beijing Paralympic Games table tennis men's singles champion Ge Yang, is supporting a fund-raising/awareness campaign in Baoding, Hebei Province. The recipients will be Baoding children's welfare homes, which were funded by Jackie Chan, Albert Yeung Public Charitable Foundation. The foundation stone was laid on April 21, 2005 and is the largest facility in Hebei Province. They are the best children's welfare homes, and have now adopted nearly a hundred orphans and disabled children. (Source: NEWS.163.COM)

HERE is a report from 2004 when the Jackie Chan Albert Yeung Public Charitable Fund was established.

August 21, 2004, the China Social Work Association, Jackie Chan, Albert Yeung public charitable foundations held a press conference at the Great Hall. The Fund was established with the approval by the State Ministry of Civil Affairs, by the internationally renowned Hong Kong movie star Jackie Chan and renowned entrepreneurs, Mr. Yang Shoucheng contributed 12 million yuan for the Pioneer Fund. Fu, vice chairman of National People's Congress attended the meeting, the former vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, China Association for Promoting Peaceful Reunification, president of Guoquan as Jackie Chan, Albert Yeung Charitable Foundation honorary chairman of the public. Former Vice Minister of Civil Affairs, China Association of Social Work Xu Ruixin as Jackie Chan, Albert Yeung Public Charitable Foundation Chairman of the CMC. At the same time, Deputy Secretary-General of National People's Congress, Qiao Xiaoyang, director of the Hong Kong Basic Law Committee, the National Federation of Industry party secretary, Hu Deping, vice minister of United Front Work Department, and Macao Affairs Office Deputy Director Chen Zuoer, the Supreme People's Procuratorate, the Deputy Attorney-General Zhang Geng, Deputy Minister of Culture Zhao Sui, Ministry of Civil Affairs Vice Minister Li Liguo, China Social Work Association of Community Committee leaders and other state leaders and the leadership of relevant units to be congratulated.
Fund set up during the process of the central government in Hong Kong, as well as the Ministry of Civil Affairs Office of the leadership support. Set up a "Jackie Chan, Albert Yeung public charity fund" aims to support and assist the Mainland to the needy elderly, women and children who need help to carry out a variety of love rescue plan, build and improve social welfare and public facilities in the Mainland to attract more people to care about charity, building blocks for the public welfare in order to promote the development of public charity.
Jackie Chan has always been outspoken in his speech he said that he has always been the least good at speech, is always a practical actors. Jackie Chan says that his own childhood his family was poor, get a lot of people to help, because feeling the pinch, he had a priest to give him advice on ways to reward good people to help; priest told him, "When you grow up to help others." This Jackie Chan first heard a lot of influence, when his name as Lee Soon after, they have gone to Asia, Africa, America and other countries among poor children, to them a helping hand. Today, he even said that when he wanted to in Japan, the establishment of charitable funds to help poor children in Japan, the Japanese told him that in Japan there are no poor. Jackie Chan really blessings, hope that China will one day there will be no poor people, complete with poverty, good-bye.
China Social Work Association, the Fund Management Committee Chairman Xu Ruixin, "said Jackie Chan, Albert Yeung Public Charitable Trust" is approved by the Ministry of Civil Affairs set up a special fund for the title, its purpose is to support and help those in need of social groups, public charity to carry out relief activities. He said that the Mainland's economy has achieved substantial development and people's living standard has greatly improved, but the development is uneven, there are still difficulties in the national group, they are in life, medical care, schooling, etc. There are still some problems, in need of social concern and help. Fund is to help doctors, student, the primary purpose of helping the poor, hoping the whole community has a loving people to join the public welfare charity, helping those in need of help disadvantaged groups.
It is understood that the fund has just been set up to help orphaned and disabled children on the handling of the medical project, with one million yuan to help people with congenital heart disease and other ill treatment of disabled orphans surgery and rehabilitation, there are nearly 20 orphans in the health and discharged. August 8 afternoon, the China Social Work Association Rui Xu Xin, vice president of Xu and Fu Wai Hospital, leaving a doctor, accompanied by Hong Kong Emperor Group Chairman Mr. Yang Shoucheng bring the Miss Goodwill Ambassador Joey visited Fu Wai Hospital, accept the "Jackie Chan, Albert Yeung charity fund" financed the first post-operative orphans.
Mr. Yang Shoucheng see the rehabilitation center for orphans and feel very happy, he said: "Thank you for the support of colleagues, special thanks to Dr. Fu Wai Hospital, the best treatment to the orphans. Compatriots in mainland China, there are many living in very poor areas of They very much need our care and concern. Jackie Chan and I have always had a wish, that is, the mainland of China to set up a charitable fund. today to see these orphans have been helped, I am very happy and hope that through this fund to draw more people to care, help those in need of the people, I believe that the world of tomorrow will be better. "
Xu Ruixin, president of the Jackie Chan, Albert Yeung expressed its high appreciation of the charity, and Fu Wai Hospital, thanked the medical staff: "Now my children's welfare homes there are 40000 disabled children waiting for medical assistance, Ministry of Civil Affairs' Tomorrow Plan 'hope all orphans in the three years on treatment. The children of those who suffer from congenital heart disease who received treatment, should thank Jackie Chan, Mr. Yang Shoucheng's generosity also like to thank Fu Wai Hospital, leaders, experts and medical personnel effort expended on them. Fu Wai Hospital, has repeatedly given to us orphans and disabled children, surgery, and their professional spirit and we should learn. "
Fu Wai Hospital, Surgery person in charge of orphans, said: "there are already 12 children completed the surgery, these children six months to one year after the rehabilitation period, I'll be able to grow like normal people, development. They will also be adult and Like normal people go to school, work, get married, have children. very grateful to Jackie Chan, Mr. Yang Shoucheng rescue of these children, so that the plight of the orphans of those had another bright life. "
The Fund has also funded the construction of one million yuan of Baoding, Baoding children's welfare homes for the orphaned and disabled children to create a comfortable living environment. Meanwhile, Jackie Chan and Albert Yeung that they fund to allow more people to care for those who need help.


In 2007 Jackie was made an honorary citizen of Baoding in recognition of their contributions.

Newspaper Baoding (Xinhua Ling) has, Baoding Mayor Yu Qun in Baoding City People's Government of the Hong Kong delegation to Mr. Yang Shoucheng, Jackie Chan awarded the Honorary Citizen of Baoding City certificate, awarded an honorary citizen card. Hong Kong's Emperor Group chairman Albert Yeung said that the government of Baoding city Baoding awarded an honorary citizen of its deeply touched. While in the United States was unable to attend because of the Jackie Chan from "Jackie Chan, Albert Yeung charity fund" on behalf of the Secretary-General, Mr. Deng Bo picking up an honorary citizen certificate and honorary citizen card.

It is understood that Albert Yeung and Jackie Chan was established three years ago, "Jackie Chan, Albert Yeung charity fund", it has been a positive contribution in a number of provinces and cities for the support and assistance to the elderly, women, children, poor people in need of assistance personnel to carry out a variety of love rescue plan.

In 2004, the Baoding and the "Jackie Chan, Albert Yeung charity fund" to get in touch, have established a good working relationship. In recent years, Jackie Chan, Albert Yeung public charitable funds given to the welfare of Baoding keen attention since 2005 the average annual contribution of more than 100 million yuan of Baoding, the cumulative contributions to 2.8 million yuan. In the donation with the help of Baoding has built some 2350 square meters children's welfare homes and 2379 square meters of apartments for the elderly so that young disabled Baoding's Gulao the living conditions of vulnerable groups has been significantly improved. To thank Jackie Chan and Mr. Mr. Yang Shoucheng magnanimous act of charity, Baoding Government has decided to grant Mr. Chan, Mr. Yang Shoucheng Baoding title of honorary citizen. That day, Jackie Chan, Albert Yeung Charitable Foundation Secretary-General, Mr. Deng Bo public said that this year a further donation of 2 million yuan for the Baoding, this amount of donations will be used to build Baoding child protection centers.


This report from LINHAI MUNICIPAL PEOPLE'S GOVERNMENT March 2009 mostly is about Jackie but speaks quite a bit about the Jackie Chan Albert Yeung Charitable Foundation:

Ten Outstanding personalities of international public good candidates for Jackie Chan

As an actor, his persistent pursuit of the career and indomitable fighting spirit, the art of interpretation of a wonderful life in the international movie on film to show that the Chinese people's image of the world opened a window of understanding of Chinese culture; as a public People, he of the country's emotional and social love, affecting others, when needed most inspiring people's confidence, conveys the warmth between people, many donated huge sums of money to fund their various public interest the cause of helping the poor to save risk.

Wenchuan earthquake, the China Social Work Association, Jackie Chan, Albert Yeung Charitable Foundation charity 10 million yuan donation to the disaster areas.

In the May 12 Wenchuan earthquake, the China Social Work Association, Jackie Chan, Albert Yeung Charitable Foundation, founder of public welfare, through the China Social Work Association, 10 million yuan donation to the Ministry of Civil Affairs, for Wenchuan County, Sichuan earthquake disaster relief. The responsible people they care about people in disaster areas, and the people of one mind and charitable feelings of the noble qualities highly and praise, and said as soon as possible donated 10 million yuan in donations for quake relief.

Near the time of the Beijing Olympics, has been enthusiastic in public welfare undertakings of Jackie Chan's contribution to the public charity news of success, the evening of September 3, Jackie Chan re-appearance before the public and the media as a "sub-Dragon Heart" charity project proponent and the Mitsubishi Motors spokesman for the Chinese market the image of the People's University in Beijing to attend at the "Dragon music movement - Mitsubishi Galant • Jackie Chan Charitable Music Festival." Jackie Chan is no longer the night international star on the screen, but rather an effort to appeal to people to care for school children's older brother, he repeated in his speech said, for charities, for the Olympics will spare no effort to move on their own.

He also was at 12:00 on August 16 to fly from Beijing to first-line condolences to the disaster areas. During the meeting will be the scene, Jackie Chan also said it would donate more serious in Deyang City, 100 worth million and 1 million cases of food beverages. Beijing Olympic medals, when the battle is raging, sponsored by UNICEF "Children Laureate's Night", on behalf of the performing arts sector expressed the child's care, and their children for the earthquake-stricken area presented gifts. Not long ago, "Jackie Chan, the new Japanese-environmental plan" also officially launched, he would shoot himself used an electric car auction of 10 million as the project upfront start-up capital, for environmental and public welfare.

August 21, 2004, China's social associations and Jackie Chan, Albert Yeung public charitable foundations set up a press conference held at the Great Hall. Guoquan former Vice Chairman of China Association of Social Work Xu Ruixin, internationally renowned film star Jackie Chan, Hong Kong Royal Albert Yeung were the President made a speech, the state leaders and the leadership of relevant units to be congratulated. Jackie Chan, Albert Yeung public by the Jackie Chan and Albert Yeung Charitable Foundation contributed 12 million yuan for the founding fund, approved the establishment by the State Ministry of Civil Affairs. Foundation funds are used mainly to help and support for China on the elderly, women, children, poor people in need of help personnel to carry out a variety of love rescue plan, establish and improve China's social welfare and public welfare facilities, to attract more people to care about charities to promote the development of China's public welfare undertakings.

In recent years, Jackie Chan has established himself gradually plunge into a series of public events to go, and mainly concentrated in the environment, health, natural disasters, charity student, the Olympic projects, it can be said that environmental protection, charity, Olympic-stop. Evening to attend a variety of disaster relief, disaster relief recording songs for the earthquake relief everywhere cry.

Contribution to charity is everyone's responsibility and obligation to, artists are public figures, artists of the words and deeds have on society a wide range of effects, and therefore must bear a certain degree of social responsibility, set an example for the public to do something practical.

In 2006 money was donated for homes for the elderly in Baoding:

June 26 morning, by the China Social Work Association, "Jackie Chan, Albert Yeung Fund" contributed 1.5 million yuan of the city's second public service apartments for the elderly social welfare formally began. Baoding government official announced at the groundbreaking ceremony, the city will this project as a project in the city's 10 key people, from the quality, duration and other aspects of step up, do a good job.
To participate in the ceremony a cadre of Baoding Bureau of Civil Affairs told reporters: "social welfare of the house to become the city's key projects, which in Baoding is still rare in history, this is the city more and more attention to social welfare performance."
This building is quite old apartment building also the origins of a comedy.
In 2005, the Baoding Mayor Yu Qun in Hong Kong to attend a trade promotion activities, as early as before to Hong Kong, was the mayor learned that Hong Kong Emperor Group chairman Albert Yeung full of love, in the cause of generous charitable contributions. Through the good offices, in the Mayor's two trips to visit Mr. Yang Shoucheng company, introduced the Baoding city's economic and social development and planning, and focused presentation of the Baoding development of social welfare programs.
Yu Qun told Albert Yeung, Baoding is the country's most populous city, under the jurisdiction of 26 counties, a total of 10.7 million people, with the development of society, Baoding, and many other cities nationwide, entered the aging society, the existing population, 1.3 million is already an aging population, but even so, the city has only three public's welfare, in addition to commitment to the elderly dependency task of widows and orphans and other orphans are also helping the column.
Prior to this, Albert Yeung has already donated to the Baoding than 100 million, established the first community children's welfare homes Baoding. This is the second time I saw a long Baoding visits to well-known reputation for charitable contributions of Albert Yeung seem to see the Government's care for vulnerable groups, Baoding a love and a sense of responsibility, so he decided to contribute again for Baoding.
Later, in January 2006, Mr. Yang Shoucheng and Hong Kong well-known artist Jackie Chan co-financing 12 million yuan to set up a "Jackie Chan, Albert Yeung Public Charity Foundation", which the mainland area of the elderly, women and children and other disadvantaged persons as of funding.
Through the convergence of the staff coordination, Albert Yeung, who decided to adopt the "Jackie Chan, Albert Yeung Public Charity Foundation" to the Baoding 1.5 million yuan donation for the building of the city's old public service apartments.
Baoding City Bureau of Civil Affairs Secretary Zhu He Xing told the "Community Times" reporter, Mr. Yang's contributions, moved a number of local governments and entrepreneurs in this 1.5 million contribution is in place, there are a number of local businesses to contribute generously Baoding, in order to build apartments for the elderly to raise funds at the same time, the city government an additional 200 million grant to support the project.
June 26, at the ground-breaking on-site apartments for the elderly, the local owner of several businesses for donations in just half an hour, Baoding Evergreen Group announced donated 50,000 yuan, Paul 100 Group announced donated 30,000 yuan, Baoding International the club announced that donated 20,000 yuan ... ...
Baoding second is the social welfare of the project management unit. Second Social Welfare Home was established in 1958, now largely adoption of social orphans, the elderly, disabled, young, and left destitute, homeless persons. However, the orphanage's director, told reporters that the existing hospital beds hospital-wide is only 22, each placed in the orphanage staff to spend 350 yuan per month, plus nine service personnel salaries, all paid by the financial funding. Received funding Albert Yeung, after the old three-story apartment project will be a 2398 square meters building, equipped with 88 beds, designed to provide services for the elderly.
"Thanks to these friends of kindness and charity, which the city 1.3 million elderly population is a happy event." Zhu He Xing said that according to the unified arrangements of the municipal government, the project will be the fastest speed and best quality of , in 2007, "51" before completion, so that some of the elderly live more comfortable.
As a representative of donors, "Jackie Chan, Albert Yeung charity fund" Temple Secretary-General attended the foundation stone laying ceremony of the day. He told reporters, "We have donated to the local grounds this place a good job, to Baoding donation is the same reasoning. Baoding government are exactly what we have been touched by this spirit, so I decided to donate here."
This may be true, the reporter learned that, it is considered the "most populous city," especially access to the actual situation of an aging society in recent years, Baoding Municipal Government Municipal increasing emphasis on social welfare services to the cause of release a high degree of social harmony and development, to focus on.
Perhaps it was Mr. Yang has been infected with the spirit of charity inspired by the municipal government, arrived on the scene the day of donation Baoding, chairman of the International Club, said, "I will learn to Albert Yeung, after the donations will continue." Participate in on-site contributions Baoding City, Evergreen Group, Assistant General Manager, said: "Care for vulnerable groups, it is our obligation to make points for the welfare contribution of Baoding is our obligation."


This report from 2006 also mentions that the Jackie Chan Albert Yeung Charitable Foundation funds surgical treatment for children with disabilities.


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