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More from 'Art Life' Interview

Source: YNET.COM (Beijing Youth Daily) or TRANSLATED

Guest again next Wednesday "art life" ---

PRC in 2005, Jackie Chan for the first time a guest "art life" in the program, spoke about his legendary life behind the ups and downs. Fast forward a few years later, Jackie Chan will be visiting again next Wednesday. With the last difference is that with a guest along with Jackie Chan's disciple the new Seven Little Fortunes.

■ of love is put into

In the new members of the Seven Little Fortunes eyes of Master Chan's biggest advantage is that hard, they even burst out of the Jackie Chan "has torn book" preferences. Busy day, no matter how old Jackie Chan will be out of time to read a large number of newspapers and magazines, went where they had seen where to see useful content, he cut down a knife into different categories to organize better, and then to the appropriate people will look at. To see the clothes with the contents of the Jiu Ji Seven Little Fortunes, a good poster Jiu Ji's propaganda, there is something Jiuji art choreography. At the scene, Jackie Chan has also demonstrated his "secret weapon", a small knife, he is using this blade to "torn document". According to him, such a "tear book" faster and better, and "without leaving traces."

■ I am sorry for his son

Not long ago, his son Jaycee Chan Jackie Chan to give up U.S. citizenship automatically join the Chinese national news has become a hot topic. For his son's choice, Chan said, Jaycee Chan has made his own choice, he just kept his son to be patriotic education, but also admits that she's done for his son and his best thing is to speak Mandarin. "I do not live his childhood he never had with him the kind of family life, the only thing I do right is to meet with him on a speaking Mandarin, so he is now talking a very good Mandarin, this is the only thing I do the things other have not done the right thing. "

■ very responsible for public goods

In charitable activities, can often be seen Jackie Chan's shadow. More than 50 years old, he engaged in public welfare undertakings has been 30 years, he said his campaign for the whole people are very comfortable, than to buy a luxury comfortable, sleeping sleep is also fragrant. Just last week, Jackie Chan is still in Vietnam to help cleft lip and palate surgery for children, "I help children in Vietnam, surgery, doctor told me to stand inside, I live two hours, the muscles are stretched, and the side cut, then side forced open. "doctor just an hour experience, so that Jackie Chan's" shocker ", but" when you see a kid from a cleft lip to normal without missing face, the kind of moving is not easy to describe. "

As a public figure, Jackie Chan's feelings are very tired. "It's like Jackie Chan can not be wrong things, really tired, I told you that I was an ordinary person." But Chan is also well aware of the sense of responsibility shouldered by himself, "One day, I went to Africa, see Africa's drunken swing at me kids. I have come to realize that I play, my demeanor would impact on them. my duty not only to the disciples who the company, their family, society and the country, slowly now of the Earth, I have a responsibility. "

The interview will air on CCTV3 on 2 December 2009


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