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Volunteer Network in Baoding

Following on from the previous post I found this report about a network of volunteers from Baoding, Hebei Province. This really touches and warms my heart.

We are Volunteers

They pick up waste in the park, their laughter at the orphanage with the kids, they collect donations for the leukemia patients, who donated books for the mountain children ... ... you probably do not know their names, heard their stories, But you will definitely be touched by their youthful love. It is these young people full of youthful vigor has become a force in Baoding public welfare undertakings. With the same goal, they came together, both in real life, what is identity, status in the public-interest activities are equal. They regularly volunteer for the community, although unknown but enthusiastic positive, passing love, and thus adhered to for many years!

Volunteers together to help others start from the well-being of

February 19, 2006, several by the network to get to know, have a common friend of volunteers come together. They founded the "Baoding volunteers" website and the exchange of Forum began on-line, while horizon Baoding version, Baidu bar several major Baoding Baoding forum issued a post, and soon attracted like-minded Baoding User joined, that is, Baoding volunteers associated prototype. Baoding volunteers associated members from different industries, both government and civil servants, teachers, doctors, students, there are self-employed persons and ordinary workers who are young people mostly. More than three years, volunteer members of the Union increased by nearly 700 people, from last year, volunteers have begun joint implementation of "real-name system" management, and now "real-name system" and members have exceeded 100 people.

Volunteer Alliance is not affiliated with any government agency, but actively assist government agencies in various activities. Volunteers in conjunction with a small core of leadership, ordinary day gathering place in volunteers "remote" is located in a new generation of C district office. Members of the volunteers in conjunction forum of mutual exchange, which volunteers have good ideas, will get everyone's full support. Their organization's activities are not paid, nor plans become known all call each other or even the name is not on the inter net outside the real name. Each organizational activities, members have to personally get involved, but also through the AA system to address the activities of financial implications.

From a 2008's "Love List", you can see the members of a number of volunteers together daily activities. January 13, they donate blood to the Blood Center 2000 milliliters. January 27, the eve of the Spring Festival, they and their homes with their children Bestintro dumplings. February 23, they came to Yasukuni to help the yellow hair raising medical fees. April 22, they go to clean up the mountains Junpei refuse, will be raised to pre-book handed Junpei hands ... ... a similar volunteer public service activities, volunteer to organize a joint almost every week.

Volunteers in conjunction with "give as gifts roses, hand there are lingering fragrance and happiness from the beginning to help others" as the slogan, with a grateful attitude towards society and the surrounding everyone. "The Wandering" told reporters, volunteers associated with caring people who always welcome to join. Members can log on volunteers associated sites, you can join the QQ group of volunteers together, group numbers are respectively 349766,36225828,14249052, opening any one group, can enter the door is full of love and mutual assistance.

402 Aixin She hands had raised money for charity

The name stems from its 402 Aixin She established Date - April 2, 2006, is launched from the Shijiazhuang positive definite, belonging to the Communist Youth League Provincial loving union. The 25-year-old Liu is the lead group of first love, a volunteer organization, who love an active part in various activities. In May 2009, Liu returned to lead groups from Shijiazhuang, Baoding, Baoding Aixin She set up 402 branches. Just 3 months time, the participants have reached more than 140 people, including students are more common.

Baoding Branch was first established, it was May 30 and June 7 and organized a "passion for mountains, child-friendly" and "Internati Mountain Children" concert, Shijiazhuang and Baoding enthusiastic people who are actively involved into it. At present, Liu collar group is actively raising funds for leukemia Chen Hsueh, also held a million signature drive. Liu collar group also personally went to Tianwei Yingli, Great Wall Motor Company, to negotiate with them to raise money for charity matters. Their goal is that in the October 10, raising to 400,000 yuan donation. Meanwhile, the Aixin She is also suffering with the kids computer training schools in Beijing reached a cooperation agreement to set up a branch in Baoding, free the children from poor families to learn, Professor computer knowledge.

Liu collar group home in the Shun-ping, his parents are disabled, since the participating organizations Aixin She has been, he never engaged in other work. Because he is engaged in the cause of love, friends who are supporting him. Liu collar group father had just had surgery, Liu collar group does not fit the task at hand, there is no time to mind his father's bedside to fulfill their filial duties. Nevertheless, the family is still the cause of his love and selfless support of his parents, said: "My child, you are fully willing to do it, things at home do not you worry." Precisely because of this sentence, Liu collar group is more to all Aixin She energies into work, he said: "I do not plan, nor will it rely on parents, only hope that anyone in trouble can get help."

Not long ago, Liu collar group made contact with the Baoding City Youth League, Youth League has been great city of the recognition and support, they also plan a joint alliance with the Baoding network of love. Aixin She will be in mid-September to organize a large "deeply attached to each General Assembly", the entry fee collected will be used donor mountain children and the disabled. Liu collar group, said through the organization such as "deeply attached to each of the General Assembly" This kind of "sideline", we are relying on their own strength to raise donations of love, which is the first attempt in Hebei Province.

豆瓣team to bring the kids happy

Small "returnees" Ji House (network name acho) mixed in the豆瓣online for two years, by chance, become a豆瓣Baoding group administrator, and subsequently, and Autumn, warm, big eyes, Cunning Milk (both豆瓣User Network Name ) a number of "beans" Friends meet. Similar backgrounds and life resumes so that we hit it off instantly and began to organize all kinds of fun recreational activities, such as my house for family viewing activities.

In the China Charity Federation funding and Jackie Chan, Albert Yeung joined the public charitable funds of love, the Baoding children growing popularity of social welfare at home and abroad who have to love the kids a helping hand. Contributions to the community on a regular basis materials, the weekly Open Day will usher in all walks of life love people and organizations access.

August 1 of the豆瓣line activities - "welfare of the children need us," good at planning the implementation of discipline by the House launched a few days more than 30 people have gathered attention and discussion. Ji House that while the welfare of the hardware facilities are complete, material supplies are ample, but those kids really need, perhaps, simply embrace and speech concern. He wanted to bring happiness to the children of these 20-year-old young netizens have the same feelings. In the active presentation, JI House, said the idea is not simply the inspiration for a current, nor is it for fun, but in more than 20-year-old young man from the heart's sincere wish is that they desperately want to do something for the community corner aspirations. Therefore, the child welfare activities in the public interest can not be carried out only once or twice to end, must be in everyone's efforts and the help of normal activity once made biweekly.

After discussion and consultation, Beky, bitch, Jordan, warm, 33, minuet, jelly beans, Azulblanco, medreamer such as "welfare of the children need us," the activities of line 13 specially selected period of time Sunday afternoon, few people enter the Baoding children's welfare. Orphanage where are the orphans and disabled children, children with cleft lip, but also physically disabled. When you see those sick or physically handicapped children, all of some vibration, know what to do. The girls began to secretly Mayan Lei peers. But we soon busy, change diapers, hold the child needs care, and speak up for them so that they are pleased. Many people came back jokingly said, parents in advance to learn the course.

Talking about that trip to welfare, Ji House tells him the most moving scene: "There is an eye can not see the kids, very honest sat next to a child crying seems to be nothing to do with him. When you use Akira hand before his eyes when he felt would move the first move. When you hand stroked his face, he will be particularly happy, smiling like a flower, like his hands energetically holding your hand, would like to be stroked a will be. "

Ji House said that if God is really like in accordance with the creation of the human person, then the existence of these orphaned and disabled children, not correct this does not represent a perfect world? Perhaps in the eyes of the biological parents of these disabled children have not been raising the significance of adults to enable them to live in the most hidden corners of the world. May also be children, and their childhood years missing too much access to people's concern, touch, or even a hug would be very happy.

"I will continue to go back there, I want to bring them a little bit of fun." Millennium House's eyes firm and clear. He expressed the hope that more good-hearted people can join a similar activity to go with the power of even the most modest, the most sincere love, to the welfare of orphans and disabled children's childhood memories to add.

Baoding paste bar networks to deliver love

Love Baoding Internet users, not many do not know Baoding posted Bars. A few years ago, Baoding paste bar is just a small little-known forum, and now it has been extended to real life. Friends of the bar in these young eyes, the significance of Baoding paste bar is not just to make friends, chatting, but to love from the network into a platform for real. Here, they can loudly advocated the convening of a caring friend, for those in need out his arm.

June 22, 2008 and October 6, bar twice organization faithful "to the King show park picking up litter" Community environmental protection activities, calling on all those who desire to participate in public welfare activities, joined the ranks. In addition to the activities just to bring their own plastic bags, garbage bags outside, and a passionate love. According to organizers Mao and Xu Hongtao presentations, participate in the Friends of the bar from 10-year-old to 50-year-old range, 20-30 years of age mainly young people, and some even dedicated came from the county. Everyone in the Garden of the process of using their hands to pick up garbage around, and jointly safeguard the environment around us.

As time goes by, more and more new people began to join the family affixed bar, personnel in the event of changing times, but the bar has not changed is the enthusiasm of the faithful of the public welfare activities. This year, the bar is still faithful to pass on the love. Fan Jia Zhuang Quyang 8-year-old girl Jia Qingshan Village, the wind in a tragic fire disabled, her mother leading cause of disability in order to save her home, only to provoke her father's home by the burden of farmers, girls face out of school. Bar Bar Friends of the paste that after the self-organized six persons were rushed to the May 13 car Xinjiazhuang Fan Central Primary School, in order to Xiaofeng bring a bag, stationery, cash and so on, to the little girl want to sail muster. This incident is just one in numerous public service activities.

"Some readily do the little things, but often overlooked by many people." Paste bar bar main "Rock 1314" often think, what should be done to attract more people into the ranks of public service activities. April 28, he posted in the bar-top quote issued a "little effort, all public service" network signatures written proposal. Written proposal stated: organize themselves around and around the sanitation, compliance with traffic regulations, saving water, reducing pollution, active participation of the white public's activities. In just a few days, hundreds of people get the support and participation. Mao said that the near future, they will also continue to organize public activities and to take concrete actions to promote and influence the people around involvement in public welfare activities to build up genuine friendships are particularly valuable.


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