Monday, November 30, 2009

It's not just his charm

Broadcast channels: CCTV-3 "Art Life," "Jackie Chan album"

Broadcast time: at 20:35 on December 2

At 16:25 on December 5

At 22:50 on December 8

Aspect: Jackie Chan, reputed king of kung fu around the world, the world's fee of the third star, the Chinese representative of the image, the idol of countless young people. In Jackie Chan's body, with an aura of too many eye-catching, so that in the eyes of ordinary people, Jackie Chan seems a bit distant. However, the real Jackie Chan is a real, straightforward, humorous person. His charm is not only from his kung fu and acting, but also from within his unique spiritual power. In 2005, Jackie Chan for the first time a guest "art life" in the program, spoke about his legendary life behind the ups and downs. Fast forward a few years, Jackie Chan, here again, with the last difference is that this time along with Jackie Chan's older brother and his disciples a guest of the New Seven Little Fortunes were. Since few years ago, Jackie Chan has visited "art life" and that he usually participate in various programs are also very large. So the program director had in determining the program content frame has tried very hard. Seeks to make a profile different from other programs to interview Jackie Chan. And thus in determining the program content, the section group members held a number of planning will be. From the seven aspects of the final decision to decrypt Jackie Chan, Jackie Chan has also excavated a number of exclusive content, whether behind the King of Kung Fu has a kind of wonderful story?

In addition, current programs do so before the program division of the director who has quite uneasy. Because they mention the name of Jackie Chan, it is enough to awe. But in a real contact, a close an interview with Jackie Chan, the director of the heart were put aside, the original star Jackie Chan in private is a very interesting, witty people, with no big airs. His humor is often able to rapidly infect the person with whom to speak. In the program interviews, Jackie Chan funny talkative brother also accentuates the characteristics of a few hours of the recording process, Chan said, with gestures did not even put down my mouth, will continue to live the atmosphere to a climax. Zhang Juan reporter



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