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Jackie's Visit to Singapore 7/11/09

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Despite his muscular built, Hong Kong superstar Jackie Chan superstar admitted that he was afraid of needles, and revealed that his 3-day charity stint in Vietnam as a doctor's assistant was more tiring than martial arts!

Jackie was in Singapore last Saturday for his latest starring role - a charity ambassador of the Singapore Thong Chai Medical Institution (STCMI).

Known for his philantrophic efforts, Jackie was selected to be STCMI's charity ambassador by chairman Lim Guan Lee, through the help of Guan Weiqiang, boss of local pub "Easy 50". Last Saturday, the actor took out time to fly to Singapore to sign the agreement paper, as well as visit STCMI.

Needless to say, there were many fans receiving him when he arrived, young and old. The moment they saw him, the auntie fans kept on gushing about how their idol looks younger than he is on television. Also among the fans was a six-year-old boy, who was busy snapping photos of Jackie. When he was blocked, the boy lamented, "I want to see Jackie Chan! I've watched his movies and he knows real martial arts!" Indeed, the charm of this superstar knows no bounds.

At the press conference, Jackie said that he has been to Singapore quite a few times and is pretty familiar with our country. Through his good friend Guan Weiqiang's introduction of STCMI, he was won over by its history and mission and decided to accept the role of being its charity ambassador. With a laugh, he said that with endless offers of different roles and identities, he has no choice but to accept them.

Since he stopped filming 11 days ago, Jackie has been going around doing charitable work. He revealed that four days ago, while in doing charity in Vietnam, he was an assistant to a doctor. Jackie said that he witnessed how the doctor operated on a girl with cleft lip and his respect for doctors and nurses grew after watching the whole process. "In just one hour, my whole body was already aching! It was more draining than doing martial arts!" he exclaimed.

While it seems like daredevil stuntman Jackie Chan is afraid of nothing, he revealed that his Achilles' heel was needles! He admitted that being a doctor's assistant once was enough as it was more than he could handle.

"I'm afraid that I will faint! I am very scared of needles, so every time I go for an injection, I will get dizzy. Some people will throw up and faint when they witness such an operation. While I said that I would not, I was really having a hard time controlling myself."

Not forgetting his newly-found role as a charity ambassador, Jackie took this opportunity to ask the media give more coverage to charity events. "This way, people will know how to go about helping others! What has reports like Andy Lau's marriage or who am I dining with got to do with society?"

Singapore Thong Chai Medical Institution sets its sight on raising 3.5 million and hopes that Wakin Chau will attend the event

Founded in 1867, the Singapore Thong Chai Medical Institution (STCMI) will be collaborating MediaCorp's Channel 8 to organize a live charity show next year on March 21. Although Jackie will start filming another movie in the same month, he has promised to do his part for the event and even said that he will gather his artiste friends to help out. One of the artistes that STCMI hopes to grace the event is Hong Kong actor-singer Wakin Chau. Unfortunately, due to scheduling problems, he is unable to confirm whether he can turn up.

Chairman Lim Guan Lee said that the reason they decided to organise a charity show was to raise more funds to renovate their 33-year-old building and add more medical facilities.

STCMI is setting its sights high on raising 3.5 million. Ambassador Jackie Chan said that this figure will not be impossible to reach if every Singaporean donates $1 or even just $0.50.

One question raised by a reporter was if the target was not reached, will Jackie donate the rest? Amongst laughter, Jackie's cheery response was, "I'm already used to donating money." During the interview, Jackie also expressed confidence on Singaporean's take towards charity.

Jackie Chan left Singapore two days ago and will be heading to Thailand, Cambodia and Shandong, China to continue doing his part for charity.

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