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Jackie in Guangzhou

Jackie was in Guangzhou yesterday for the first anniversary of the Jackie Chan vehicle network. In this interview he explains why he started the network. He says that after driving in China he became aware of the poor driving habits of people and started the site to promote a civilised and healthy car culture as well as promoting environmentally friendly practices and promoting a positive and healthy attitude towards life.

When asked about the negative image of speeding cars and so on in his movies Jackie says that I am an action star and an action movie without action is no good. He adds that if he did not make movies then no-one would would hear him speak.

21CN Entertainment Zhuangao 11.21.09, coincided with the Guangzhou Motor Show, held a grand occasion, Jackie Chan arrived in Guangzhou, a low-key, this time not to do publicity for films, but for "Jackie Chan vehicle network "Zhengshishangxian the first anniversary of doing propaganda - propaganda healthy and positive, the green car civilized life and culture, as well as promote positive and healthy attitude towards life.

"Publicity Jackie Chan vehicle network is of secondary importance, but more importantly to convey a civilized and healthy for everyone to car culture." - Jackie Chan says. Jackie Chan is also involved in charitable causes an extension of living green car advocates, that is, advocates of green vehicles, green living, energy conservation and reduce carbon emissions, so as to achieve the national environmental protection efforts are intended to do.

21, Jackie Chan, Guangzhou where he was staying in a hotel presidential suite, receive access to this web site, in-depth to explore the green car culture, extending to the people of civilization-building, heart of the deep, looking forward to the cutting glance. However, the most to Jackie Chan Tan Xing big hair is his son's education, because children should not let him play right Jaycee Chan has quite helpless, and even sent to the academy's intention to Jaycee Chan was also the wife of "he will suicide", was canceled.

Construction site to convey civilization car concept car

21CN Entertainment: why would anyone think to do this site?

Jackie Chan: working in the Mainland for so many years, I have very deep feelings, when you see that the driver sounded his horn chaos, driving experience puddles will not slow down, there are many phenomena of civilization. I had a crew, that the driver, each car are desperately sounded his horn, I asked could not but press? He says do not follow will not work. I think he has been by used to it.

I did this site is also for this purpose, it is hoped to convey the concept of civilization and the green active and healthy for everyone. Now China has 80 million tourists every year, they will have to come into contact with is the car culture, hoping to convey through the first of China's concept of civilization to them.

21CN Entertainment: That convey these ideas, you feel that the greatest difficulties are?

Jackie Chan: I think a lot of things must be out of a big deal, we will have a profound feelings. In Hong Kong, too, do the Clean Hong Kong before the Hong Kong action, as we all do not mind, until the encounter SARS, sudden death of a lot of people, then we would suddenly come to understand the importance of clean, and it would well up.

For example this year, I was in Beijing, the Chinese New Year, Chinese New Year, when many friends in a car a car transport fireworks, I read stunned, too terrible. I asked my friend, so that nothing Mody fireworks? They said all right all right. But it's too dangerous. Then things really went wrong, and the CCTV building that burned, and I think it burned well, only in the event of such an event, we will attach importance to this issue, does not know the fireworks are very dangerous.

Jaycee Chan is not too difficult to teach even the children can play

21CN Entertainment: That young man right now what proposal? Hope to communicate what kind of a positive point of view to them?

Jackie Chan: The children now good education, the temptation too much, the news there is that Japanese girls are not promising to buy a bag and sold themselves to do Mody? The temptation too much, too many unhealthy websites.

And now kids are too protected and can not fight, I could not even Jaycee Chan did not fight, a fight he can sue you, a child who is too weak, and suicide are the burning of carbon. A kid like me, I told Sammo Hung, Yuen Wah, Yuen Qiu ah with them, eating a meal, when to be picked up, up to now, we have to eat to maintain these good habits, a child if committed any wrong, the master immediately played down, but also about face of the.

21CN Entertainment: So how do you education, Jaycee Chan's?

Jackie Chan: It's hard, I wanted to go to Jaycee Chan sent to military school, where rigorous education because as, but my wife said, no, he would commit suicide.

We have been taught from childhood a lot of good habits, but now no such habits of children, like Jaycee Chan, dressed in white socks will be walking around the floor. I now have their own Xiwa Zi, white socks, then definitely wear slippers, white socks and black because of the special good wash. I am definitely Tuo Lexie neatly placed, and Jaycee Chan's certainly misplacing of.

Jaycee Chan previously in the United States, I went to see him, he is so (and gestures of black hip-hop look), I say this does not work, give him something to send to see, such as "Emperor Kangxi" ah, so that he acceptance of Chinese culture. Then finally turn over, and saw I will stand up straight, and see people still know the bow.

Personally promoting environmental protection implementation of environmental

21CN Entertainment: Then you will work through which to convey these civilized values? Because we can see in your films, the car is actually very uncivilized manner, such as Speed ah.

Jackie Chan: No, I know that this is not a way. For example, I hate violence, but I am action star in the film could not have violence, the film's most unlikely environmental protection. However, I can not make a movie, if I do not make a movie, no one heard me speak.

I can only through their usual number of practical activities to meet environmental cleaning purposes, in the process of making movies where emphasis on environmental protection. With people who are most afraid of my film in my site, because I am the most stringent. For instance I went to filming, to a park to shoot a film the first thing I did is definitely picking up litter. Some crew would say that these are not rubbish we create is lost before the people, and does not concern our business. I said that is not the case, and so we left later, if they refuse still, someone would say that this is Jackie Chan are engaged in that group.

21CN Entertainment: Now a lot of stars are promoting environmental protection to promote the green, do you have any other specific proposals Mody?

Jackie Chan: I have a lot of ideas on environmental protection. I once would like to open a paper mill in Guangzhou, making recovery of recycled paper, the area also have factories there, but do not know how to do. Now living in a hotel for example, a late 1000's hotel, if the hotel received 800, the other toothbrushes, towels ah ah have money, so that fewer people would be used. These one-time thing too protection of the environment.

Text / Photo by Rui-hong


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