Saturday, November 28, 2009

Emperor Xuan Yuan

A new movie, "Emperor Xuan Yuan" about the life of the Yellow Emperor is due to start filming next year. It will be the first movie to depict the life of the Yellow Emperor. (Sounds interesting). The producers would like to invite Jackie to play the Yan Emperor (Also sounds interesting).

PRC in Henan, Xinhua reporter Hai Hung 27】 film "Emperor Xuan Yuan" will be the official start in March next year, intended to invite Jackie Chan plays Yan Emperor, for which Xinzheng City, Henan Province, will be on display next year, construction of a concentration of the Yellow Emperor, Yan Emperor 2 a primitive tribe daily life of the building complex, which is "Xuan Yuan Emperor" location shooting for a permanent fine scenic Xinzheng reserved.

"Xuan Yuan Emperor" is the first fully reflect the Yellow Emperor, Yan Emperor, Chiyou other three Chinese cultural ancestor of the story film. At present, a preparatory work has been basically completed according to plan, Xinzheng permanent location-based construction and selection of the actors work in progress. The film will be invited to the famous film and sports stars joined, the Yellow Emperor actor is currently Niyao Louis Koo, Huang Xiaoming, Aaron Kwok, etc. Ni Yao Yan Emperor actor Jackie Chan, Kou Shixun, Anthony Wong, etc. Chiyou actor Donnie Yen Ni Yao Hu and armed forces. Yellow Emperor's wife, Lei Zu also Ni Yao Li Bingbing, Lin Chi-ling, Gao Yuanyuan and so on.



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