Monday, November 16, 2009

Stanley Tong, Golf & Chinese Zodiac

According to news reports Stanley Tong attended the opening of the Dalian Ding Jiu Golf Club inauguration ceremony yesterday and made some comments about the filming of "Chinese Zodiac".

Stanley said that filming will begin after the spring festival in March next year and that he is the producer not the director or even co-director. He also said that he was very honoured that Jackie had asked him to be involved with this film because it is Jackie's 100th.

Filming locations mentioned include Dalian, USA, South Korea, and other foreign countries and that the locations are almost set.

Stanley said that this would be his sixth production working with Jackie and that they have known each other for many years and are like family.

He briefly covered the plot of the movie describing it like a modern day treasure hunt. He said that because the film would be Jackie's 100th movie that he hoped to make it fresh, new, interesting as well as a film worthy to commemorate being the 100th film.

When asked about who the heroine would be he dodged answering directly and just said that the possibility of using some one new cannot be excluded but that Jackie had the final decision.

As part of the opening ceremony for the golf club guests played a round of golf. Stanley apparently flubbed a few shots and said that he was just an amateur at golf and that Jackie plays much better than he does.



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