Thursday, October 22, 2009

Zhou Hui films MV and PSA with New 7 Little Fortunes

The last sentence made me smile! (in bold)

"Love Song days," Zhou Hui and The Young New Seven Little Fortunes taken care of the elderly, as well as public service ads on the theme song titled "The Moon is not the old" MV, a group of handsome guy in the Zhou Hui a laugh: "This is my entry has been with so many handsome boys taking pictures, so I think they are beautiful Oh! "Zhou Hui sent pearl milk tea, so that the new Seven Little Fortunes address him a good satisfying and authentic pearl milk tea drinking finally! And that would also like to taste the oyster omelets, wheels cake!

International superstar Jackie Chan's sons - the first Asian Idol sticks martial arts group "New Seven Little Fortunes" has recently released his first visit to Taiwan, to Taiwan to launch EP Xiansheng EP! First meet with the media that shows a combination of martial arts, dance, punches and kicks, immediately stunning 4! Jackie Chan's successor, the new Seven Little Fortunes, five big handsome men, depending on the Jackie Chan as the father as the new Seven Little Fortunes captain sea-cheung, said: Master Chan said: not everyone live to old age years, so we are all the elderly should pamper must respect! Weekdays it's mentioned how Jackie Chan, the new Seven Little Fortunes is the militarization of management, all room and board together, according to the table drills, but the question to Jackie Chan's first lesson, the new Seven Little Fortunes, said: is to pick up litter!



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